The people of 13th Floor
Elevapors have a goal to elevate every vaper’s experience of vaping. Their
premium vape liquid stands for forward thinking and the next evolution of a
lifestyle that is smoke-free! 13th Floor embraces all the forms of
expression within vape culture as it applies to the external and internal
journeys that music, photography, art, film and sports provide. They embody
this philosophy by setting the bar high and holding themselves to the highest
possible standards. Their juice is a great representation of the philosophy
they believe in because their juice is absolutely mouth-watering good! They
have three different flavors that are each complex and smooth in their own
ways. Their newest flavor released is called Levitation and it probably the
best berries and cream flavor I have ever had. They also have a flavor called
Django which is a one-of-a-kind tobacco flavor that could be loved by anyone.
The third flavor in their lineup is called Bermuda and is a more refreshing,
fruitier flavor. If you are looking for a new brand that is doing big things
then 13th Floor Elevapors is the perfect brand for you!

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13th Floor Elevapors e juice Levitation 30ML 13th floor elevapors django 30ml e juice 13th Floor Elevapors Bermuda 30ML e juice
I concluded that the flavor tastes like a delicious blueberry muffin dipped into a creamy milkshake. Dip that muffin in, get it soaked in creamy milkshake, take a bite of the soaked muffin, and there you have Levitation. The milky cream, custard and vanilla notes are very present throughout the vape. The extraordinary smooth flue-cured tobacco leaves are enveloped in vanilla milk and caramel, giving you sweet, creamy clouds with a mellow tobacco flavored bite! Just picture yourself laying out on a day bed in the sun, while a waiter brings you gourmet sour apples and berries on a bed of luscious cream to accompany your tropical beverage!
django e juice by 13th floor elevapors 60ml bermuda e juice by 13th floor elevapors 60ml levitation e juice by 13th floor elevapors 60ml
Tobacco Cream Custard and Vanilla Berries, Cream, Raspberry Blueberry Muffin, Milkshake
Frank N Vape E Juice By 13th Floor Elevapors 60ML Soleil E Juice By 13th Floor Elevapors 60ML
Berry Cereal, Marshmallows, Milk Frosted Animal Circus Cookie