Kilo E-Liquids is one of the most
well-known brands in vaping and juice industries. They use only the finest
ingredients available, top-grade nicotine, excellent natural flavorings and top
shelf USP PG and VG. Every flavor is handcrafted after intense research, and
put through rigorous development and testing procedures which determine what
flavors are approved to make it out to the market. Kilo currently has four
delicious flavors and each one has proven to be a success! Kilo has Cereal
Milk, Dewberry Cream, Tru Blue and Kiberry Yogurt. Everything from a creamy
cereal flavor to a delicious tart parfait, Kilo E-Liquids create more than just
quality juice, they create a lifestyle.

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Kilo e juice Cereal Milk 15 ml Kilo e juice tru blue 15 ml kilo e juice dewberry cream 15ml
Cereal Milk is a nostalgic flavor that is reminiscent of your favorite fruity cereal drenched in sweet milk! Tru Blue is the perfectly balanced blueberry custard flavor that has just the right amount of blueberry tart notes over the smooth taste of custard and sweet cream. Dewberry Cream is a lovely honeydew cream flavor with subtle hints of mixed berry that is just as delicious as it is smooth.
kilo e juice kiberry yogurt 15ml fruit whip e juice by kilo 15ml cereal milk e juice by kilo 30ml
Kiberry Yogurt is the precise balance of a sweet, ripened strawberry on a bed of smooth and creamy yogurt, accompanied by chunks of tart kiwi slices to bring the flavor together. apple, pear, berries, tropical fruit, and cream fruity cereal and milky cream
dewberry cream by kilo e juice 30ml kiberry yogurt by kilo e liquid 30ml Cinnamon Roll E Juice By Kilo White Series 60ML
Melons Dipped in a Mellow, Sugary Cream Strawberry Kiwi Yogurt Cinnamon Roll With Cream Cheese Icing
Ice Cream Sandwich E Juice By Kilo White Series 60ML Marshmallow Crisp E Juice By Kilo White Series 60ML White Chocolate Strawberry E Juice By Kilo White Series 60ML
Chocolate Chip Cookie and Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich Marshmallow and Crispy Rice Cereal Strawberries Dipped In White Chocolate
honey creme e juice by kilo black series 60ml birthday cake e juice by kilo black series 60ml apple pie e juice by kilo black series 60ml
Vanilla Ice Cream, Honey, Roasted Nuts Vanilla Birthday Cake with Icing and Sprinkles Caramelized Apples, Cinnamon, Pie Crust
milk and cookies e juice by kilo black series 60ml Cereal Milk E Juice by Kilo 60ML Dewberry Cream E Juice by Kilo 60ML
Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk Fruit Cereal with Milk Honeydew Cream with Mixed Berry
Fruit Whip E Juice by KILO 60ML Kiberry Yogurt E Juice by KILO 60ML Tru Blue E Juice by KILO 60ML
Various Fruits with Cream Kiwi Strawberry Yogurt Blueberry Cream Custard
cereal milk by kilo e juice 120ml kiberry yogurt by kilo e liquids 120ml dewberry cream e juice by kilo 120ml
Fruity cereal and milk. Tastes like drinking the milk after a bowl of your favorite fruity loop cereal. Strawberry Kiwi Yogurt Melons Dipped in Sugary Cream
tru blue e juice by kilo 120ml fruit whp e juice by kilo 120ml
Blueberry Cream Custard Apples, Pears, Berries, Other Tropical Fruit and Whipped Cream