A ton of people are in love with dessert flavored e-juice. That includes everyone here at E-Cigarette Empire. The good news is that Aqua Liquids did just that for us. They have delivered multiple e-liquid flavors that all crush the dessert flavor! Aqua Liquids is known for their most popular e-juice called Funfetti which has a flavor profile of that popular, most wanted yellow cake with white frosting and sprinkles. They also have some other popular e-liquids currently out with flavor profiles such as strawberry cheesecake and even blueberry cheesecake. This e-juice made by Aqua Liquids is all used with FDA approved ingredients so it is a healthy vape for you! These e-liquids are all premium brewed juices so coils and cotton do not get ran through very fast at all. Since Aqua Liquids specialize in dessert flavored e-juice; all of their bottle designs have a very appetizing look to them that grabs the eye. Most of their e-liquids range from 30ML to 60ML to 120ML for those hardcore dessert lovers like us here at The Empire. All in all if you like pastries, dessert, and cakes than this is your calling. Look no further! Aqua Liquids is now here!
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blueberry cheesecake e juice by aqua liquids 60ml strawberry cheesecake e juice by aqua liquids 60ml funfetti by aqua liquids e juice 30 ml
Blueberry Cheesecake Strawberry Cheesecake A delicious yellow cake with sprinkles baked into it topped with white frosting and more sprinkles on top.
funfetti by aqua liquids e juice 120ml
Confetti cake with icing