E-juice brands are born all around the world. Almost every country has made their own e-liquid. Coming all the way from the UK is Banned Liquids. They are most popular from their very original Machine Gum e-juice. It has the flavor profile of just plain bubblegum. And let us tell you, they have mastered it. Banned Liquids came all the way from the UK and have exploded onto the US market and are dominating. These e-liquids all use FDA approved ingredients that do not gunk up your coil or destroy your cotton right away. The second we started carrying Banned Liquids they started selling out right away. If you are looking for a new e-juice brand and are willing to explore than we highly recommend you try some Banned Liquids e-juice. There is no disappointment to be found here. Their e-liquid comes in mostly 60ML bottles for you all day vapers, but that is exactly what Banned Liquids provides. They provide e-liquid that you can literally vape all day and not lose flavor, clouds, and most importantly interest. We must say there is no need to look any further. Why you might ask? Because the answer is right here in Banned Liquids.
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original machine gum e juice banned liquids 60ml
Original Pink Bubblegum