Beetle Juice Vapors is one of the first e-juice brands to
start bottling up their product in unicorn bottles. All of their flavors were
crafted to impress. Each one of their premium e-liquids are unique in their own
way. Bedrock is a delicious fruity cereal blend, mixed with strawberry flavored
milk. Blueberry Hills is a delicious blueberry breakfast pastry. Now and L8ter
is an awesome pomegranate chewy candy with a hint of menthol. The Riddle is a
ripe blend of green apple, pear, and mixed berries. Gods Nectar, one of our
personal favorites is profiled to taste like peach flavored gummy rings. Some
of their e-juices have a “Hint of Cool” added to them which is just fancy talk
for slight menthol flavoring. All of Beetle Juice Vapors e-liquids are very genuine
and taste just like they are profiled to. Our staff here at E-Cigarette Empire
love Beetle Juice Vapors, and we especially like that they come served in
unicorn bottles.  The cool part about it
the unicorn bottles is that you get an extra 5ML of e-juice. Most bottles come
in 30MLs, but all of Beetle Juice Vapors come in 35ML bottles. We carry them in
0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels for you vaping convenience. Enjoy!

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bedrock by beetle juice vapors e juice 35ml blueberry hills e juice by beetle juice vapor 35ml now and l8ter e juice by beetle juice vapors 35 ml
Tangy, Fruity, and Creamy Cereal Sweetness With Undertones of Strawberry Milk Blueberry Breakfast Pop Tart Pomegranate Now & Later Taffy Candy
the riddler e juice by beetle juice 35ml gods nectar e juice by beetle juice vapors 35ml
Green Apple, Pear, and Mix Berries Peach Flavored Gummy Ring