Who Are The Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018

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Who Are The Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018?

Tony Montagno

Posted on January 17 2018

Vape Juice Brands

Who Are The Best Vape Juice BRANDS oF 2018

Who are the best vape juice brands of 2018, you might ask?

Well we got you covered.

We would like to start off by saying Happy New Years to everyone and we are confident that everyone will achieve what they are striving for in the New Year!

A light little recap on 2017:

There was a ton of new vape juice brands that were released onto the scene with a whole lot of new vape juice flavors as well. Whether these flavors were from a new company or a veteran, it did not matter because 2017 was full of new flavor releases.

2017 also held a lot of new technological breakthroughs for vaping hardware. Companies such as Smok and Vaporesso released a ton of new vape mods. They had the biggest year of their existence along with 90% off all other brands and companies.

Anyway.. This list is to give you a little insight going into 2018 of what vape juice brands are the most popular and what vape juice brands you should look out for! Everything that is featured in the Best Vape Juice Brands 2018 Blog is carried here in our very own warehouse at E Cigarette Empire which means if you see something that you like… Head on over!

Any brand that is recognized in this blog list is featured for many reasons whether it is popularity, large selection, high quality, or tastiness. Sit back, relax, and get ready for the read of your lifetime. Stay awhile because you might learn a thing or two!

The Milkman E Juice

The Milkman

Going into 2018, The Milkman has really caught the eye of a lot of vapers across the globe. With the end of 2017, The Milkman released two brand new flavor lines. The Delight flavor line focuses sweet candies and milky flavor profiles while the Heritage line focused on rich tobacco blends. Both became extremely popular right away and are always being added to cart here at E Cigarette Empire.

Going into the New Year The Milkman released a new flavor for the Delights line called Pixie Tarts. Pixie Tarts has the flavor profile of sweet tart little hard candies, the kind that everyone loves to munch on! This brand new flavor became one of the most popular flavors at the Empire very quickly which was just a peek at what kind of talent The Milkman has.

The Milkman has been around the vape juice game since the beginning of vaping. Originally known as The Vaping Rabbit, The Milkman rebranded themselves and continued momentum by releasing new flavor after new flavor. Soon enough they started producing 60ML bottle sizes, started multiple new flavor lines, and now are one of the world’s most known vape juice brands!

The Milkman has an e juice brands page here at E Cigarette Empire so if you are curious on the history of this company or want to take a look at what other products we have to offer by this veteran company then head on over!

One Hit Wonder E Liquid

One Hit wonder E-Liquid

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid. Who else?

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is one of those vape juice brands that not only has been around since the very beginning of the vape movement but are legitimately a household name. It all started when this reputable e juice brand started producing huge 180ML plastic cyclinder tubs of premium tasting e liquids. Not only were this gigantic bottles sold for a very inexpensive price but all of the flavors highlighted the most loved flavor profiles!

One Hit Wonder has been doing huge things over the years and just last year they released a bunch of new flavors that quickly took the community by storm. As soon as we headed into 2018, One Hit Wonder started to reproduce their famous 180ML flavors in 100ML bottle sizes. Instantly the online community blew up, freaked out, got really stoked, and soon enough every Vape Shop across the world were putting orders in for the new 100ML bottles.

(E Cigarette Empire has them <3)

So going into the New Year a lot of eyes are on One Hit Wonder. They have done huge things each year and we can’t imagine the amount of awesomeness they are going to bring to us vapers this year. They will always be one of the best vape juice brands in the game and they for sure are making our E Cigarette Empire Hall of Fame one day!

Juice Roll Upz

Juice Roll-Upz

Another big hitter when it comes to the Best Vape Juice Brands 2018 Blog List is….

Juice Roll Upz!

Juice Roll Upz is yet another vape juice brand that has been around for a very long time. They flavors from this company are vaped across the globe and are very much sought after. Juice Roll Upz originally started off with 30ML and 120ML bottle size flavors. Soon after they released the famous Carnival flavor line which came in a 60ML bottle sizes.

As time went on Juice Roll Upz ventured into the 60ML bottle size category, released a new a couple new flavors, and soon after that they released a menthol flavor line which also became extremely popular.

Right as the New Year came, Juice Roll Upz re released their famous Carnival line in 100ML bottle sizes and even added a new flavor to the line called Roll Whip.

Juice Roll Upz is one of the world’s most known vape juice brands and they are carried in almost every vape shop across the world. E Cigarette Empire has carried them since the beginning and that is something that will never change. You have to admire a company that produces e juice with such high quality, popularity, and delicious flavoring!

Naked 100 E Juice Fruit Series
Naked 100 E Juice

Naked 100 E Juice

Now what would a Best Vape Juice Brands 2018 blog list be without Naked 100 E Juice?

Absolutely nothing!

Naked 100 E Juice is currently the most popular e juice brand in all of the world and there are countless reasons why!

Naked 100 E Juice is based out of California and they have the reputation of producing some of the world’s best tasting premium vape juice. Not only that but this company also released new flavors very frequently which everyone is always looking forward too!

Naked 100 E Juice has an original fruit line, a menthol line, a candy line, a cream line, and even a tobacco line! Every single one of these flavor lines are carried at E Cigarette Empire along with many other vape shops across the globe. All of their flavors are very popular here at the Empire and a lot of them are our Best Sellers!

Recently the community has been really into vape pods which are portable vaping devices that use Nicotine Salts. With Naked 100 being the awesome vape juice brand that they are, they decided to release their most popular flavors in the NKD100 Nicotine Salt line! Now vapers that use vape pods can now enjoy Naked 100 flavors in multiple ways!

Ruthless E Juice

Ruthless Vapors

Last but not least… Ruthless Vapors!

A straight banger for the end of the Best Vape Juice Brands 2018 blog list!

Ruthless Vapors is a veteran company that is based out of Southern California. Ruthless has created a legacy and us vapers are extremely privileged to be able to live in it. Ruthless first took storm with their original 30ML and 120ML flavors which were extremely popular from the very beginning.

Then Loaded E-Liquid came around..

Loaded E-Liquid is one of Ruthless’ famous flavor lines. This line is known to perfect dessert flavored e juices and offer huge bottles of it for a very affordable price. Over time more flavors were added into the Loaded E-Liquid flavor line and now these flavors are currently the most popular e liquids in the whole entire world. Chocolate Glazed by Loaded E Liquid 120ML is a brand new flavor released by Ruthless and it has quickly rose to become one of the most popular dessert flavors.

Ruthless Vapors is always releasing new flavor lines along with new flavors for the original line. With the start of 2018 we are extremely excited for what Ruthless Vapors has in store for us this year. Vapers are already predicting and guessing what their next big move is and we here at E Cigarette Empire cannot wait!

There are literally a million reasons to back up why Ruthless Vapors is the most loved and popular vape juice brand. This is one of those companies that will be around till the end of time, always releasing new and delicious flavors such as Grape Drank on Ice, which is why they have earned a spot on the Best Vape Juice Brands 2018 blog list!

7 Daze Vape

7 Daze

We could vape on this brand for 7 Daze straight!

Get it?!

That was a funny pun wasn’t it?

7 Daze is another hard hitting vape juice brand that has been around since the birth of vaping and they are known to have the reputation of producing some of the world’s best tasting e liquid! There are many reasons on why we have the opinion of 7 Daze being one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018 so let’s discuss.

Flavor options:

7 Daze is known to produce a ton of various flavor profiles but they are also known to perfect them as well. They aren’t some schmuck company that overproduces a bunch of flavors that suck, and then move on to the next picture. 7 Daze perfects literally everything that they do. Whether it is a cookie flavor such as Pink Sticks, or a fruit blend such as Selfie Sunday.

Yeah.. you remember the infamous Selfie Sunday.

So people might say, “Well there are a bunch of brands that perfect every flavor profile that they produce so why is 7 Daze considered one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018?”.

The answer is quite simple.

They do what they do… BEST.

Selfie Sunday. Selfie Sunday was one of the most popular and loved e juice flavors of all time! It was produced by 7 Daze and either everyone was vaping it or talking about it.

So what did 7 Daze do?

They branded Selfie Sunday into its own 60ML flavor line! How brilliant?!

Now Red’s Apple E Juice is one of the most popular flavor lines in the world and consists of eight different flavors including menthol variations!

We rest our case.

Dinner Lady E Juice

Dinner Lady

The story of Dinner Lady is truly remarkable.

Dinner Lady is a premium vape juice brand that is based in the United Kingdom. Anyone who works in the vaping industry knows that in order for a non US vape juice brand to be carried here in the US that they have to be the real deal.

Dinner Lady was the real deal.

It all started with Lemon Tart…

One day, vaping forums across a ton of websites had a lot of posts about this new flavor called Lemon Tart. People were saying how it was the best e liquid that they have ever vaped and how spot on it tasted to the real food.

Soon enough these posts and these forums caught fire. Every shop was trying to get their hands on Dinner Lady flavors. ELiquid.co was one of the first Online Vape Shops to get Dinner Lady flavors. From that point forward the talk about these awesome flavors spread like wildfire.

Eventually the talk of the vaping industry just wasn’t about Lemon Tart but it was about Dinner Lady. It turned out that this company produced nothing but perfection! Every single flavor ended up being a heavy hitter and soon after Dinner Lady became one of the most sought after vape juice brands of its time.

Fast forward some time to current day. Dinner Lady is still one of the most popular vape juice companies in the world, they have released new flavors that are amazing, and everyone is still vaping their e liquids!

Now tell me.

This story sounds an a lot like a story of someone that is considered to be one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018.

Marina Vape

Marina Vape

Marina Vape is another one of those e juice brands that is considering to be an OG, Founding Father, and Ancestor to the vape juice game.

Based in sunny Southern California, Marina Vape has been around since the beginning of the vape scene. From the very start of their story, they have done nothing but release outstanding vape juice flavors that are sought after from every part of the world.

What really put Marina Vape on the map was when they released their famous Pebbles Donut flavor. It has the flavor profile of a freshly baked doughnut that is topped with fruity cereal. At the time, no one has ever seen or tasted such a flavor profile so people were very intrigued. Once they noticed that the flavor profile was perfected and tasted spot on, they decided to explore the Marina Vape brand.

This is when flavors such as Milkshake Man, Marshmallow Man, and That Thai Tea Tho start to surface in the vaping community news.

Next thing you know Marina Vape is one of the most popular e juice brands in the world and people cannot stop talking about them. They released sequels to their famous flavors such as Marshmallow Man 2, Marshmallow Man 3, Blueberry Milkshake Man and so on!

All of Marina Vape has always been fan favorite here at E Cigarette Empire and we are constantly having to restock their flavors. If that doesn’t speak for itself then I do not know what does!


Bazooka Vape

Blast away with some Bazooka Vape!

Now this is a premium vape juice brand that has shaped the candy flavors into what they are today. This is another brand that should be considered one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018 but also of all time!

Bazooka Vape came to life only a couple of years ago but they hit hard when they came to the market.

I mean like… really hard.

At the time, One Hit Wonder E Liquid was known as the company that produces legit plastic tubes fill of vape juice. Remember the 180ML sizes?


Well Bazooka Vape debuted their first five flavors in 200ML bottle sizes which is something that the vaping community has never seen before. When E Cigarette Empire first received Bazooka Vape we were in shock. A company must have a lot of confidence to debut with 200ML bottle sizes!

Well it turns out that Bazooka Vape literally shaped the candy e juice game into what it is today. Those five flavors were based off of a gummy sour straw flavor profile and Bazooka Vape perfected it down to the T. Every single one of those five flavors were not only delicious but they were, and still are, the most popular candy e liquid flavors at E Cigarette Empire.

I mean this story alone paves the way on why Bazooka Vape is one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018. Bazooka Vape is one of the kings of candy.

Ripe Vapes E Juice

Ripe Vapes


You want luxury?

Ripe Vapes is your guy. Ripe Vapes is an e juice brand that has also been around for a very long time. They are considered to be one of the most high quality and luxurious brands in the vape juice scene.

Why? You might ask.

Ripe Vapes has a very long, precise, and clean process when it comes to producing their premium e liquid flavors. Every single bottle is labeled with a Batch #, as well as, a Birth Date. Whoever is vaping on the bottle can see what date that the liquid was produced and what batch it was apart of.

Ripe Vapes was one of the first brands to take luxury e juice to another level.

VCT Private Reserve.

Anyone who is familiar with the story of VCT Private Reserve is nodding their heads while reading this. VCT Private Reserve is an vanilla custard tobacco flavored e juice that is produced and then stored in a French Oak Barrel for 60 days during the steeping process. This brings out extraordinary flavoring and brings the liquid to an all time high when talking about luxury.

No one has ever seen anything quite like it!

Ripe Vapes then released other flavors such as Key Lime Cookie, Strawberry Creme Brulee, and Monkey Snack. Soon people started realizing that anything produced by Ripe Vapes is pure gold!

E Cigarette Empire has a hard time keeping the shelves full with Ripe Vapes flavors because they are bought so often!

Ripe Vapes is not only considered to be one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018 but they are also considered to be one of the cleanest and highest standard.

Bad Drip Labs

Bad Drip Labs

Ever have some Bad Drip?

Well put it this way..

Bad Drip is the best drip and that is not a joke. Bad Drip Labs is another OG of the vape juice community. This company has been around since the take off of vaping and they got their feet in during the 30ML rush.

Back in the day with 30ML bottle sizes were the way to go, Bad Drip Labs had their flavors vaped up faster than you can say E Cigarette Empire. Seriously..

I remember when I was pulling orders back in the day during our Huntington Beach saga and every order that I was pulling consisted of either Bad Blood, Cereal Trip, Ugly Butter, or Farley’s Gnarly Sauce. I even remember thinking how cool it was that these bottles come in a made up pill bottle. They have such trippy cover art!

As time went on, Bad Drip Labs started releasing new flavors and new flavor lines. Flavor lines such as Clown Premium Liquids are even some of the most popular e juices in the world! They even stepped into the 60ML and 120ML bottle sizes.

One thing never changed though…

To this day it seems like every order that comes through has a Bad Drip Labs flavor on it! This is because this premium vape juice brand produces nothing but straight fire and perfection. After seeing these things, and tasting these flavors, how could you not consider Bad Drip Labs to be one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018.

Maybe even all time!

Air Factory E Liquid

Air Factory

Air Factory.

Wow. What a company.

Air Factory is an e juice brand that is known to have the taffy candy flavor profile completely mastered to the part where not a lot of other companies try to compete.

Air Factory is a brand that has been around for a couple of years now and their first two flavors that they released ended up being their most popular ones. Blue Razz and Mystery both took the community by storm. Once vapers found out about the delicious flavoring that these vape juices produced, it was a wrap from there.

Air Factory is one of those brands that produce excellent tasting e liquids but do not over do it. Sometimes you will see brands release tons of new flavors way to frequently. Not only do these flavors fall into the shadows but they also bust because the mixologists did not spend enough time at perfecting all aspects of the e juice.

Air Factory is not a victim of this.

Over the course of two years they have only released four new flavors. This is because they want to make sure that they perfect every single factor of the vape juice all the way down to the throat hit. This gives them the ability to say that their candy flavors are perfectly executed which they are right.

The amount of precision, accuracy, and excellence that this company holds is unbelievable which is why they are considered to be one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018 in our opinion.

Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog

The Cosmic Fog dynasty.

Oh how it is such a great story.

Cosmic Fog was founded and started by a guy named Rob along with some other pals. Based out Costa Mesa, California, the founders of Cosmic Fog started out with essentially nothing but a dream.

Fast forward to 2018:

Cosmic Fog is the biggest e juice brand in the history of vaping. They have the first state of the art, FDA approved Clean Lab. They are FDA compliant. They are big tobacco companies main prospect. They have killer flavors and everyone loves their e liquid.

Does it get much better than that?

Cosmic Fog is an e juice brand that is also considered to be one of the founding fathers of vaping. Every single one of their flavors take an average of 7 to 10 months of experimenting before they even produce the flavor profile. That is a lot of work and precision going into each new flavor that is released.

E Cigarette Empire has carried Cosmic Fog since the beginning and they have always been one of the most popular brands here at the shop.

You will find Cosmic Fog flavors being sold in 7-Eleven, Walmart, and other conveniency stores. It takes a lot of recognition, hard work, and great flavors for moves like that to be made.

For someone to not consider Cosmic Fog to be one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018 and all time would be an absolute fool.

The story, the saga, the dynasty of Cosmic Fog brings tears to the eye.

Loaded E Liquid

Loaded E Liquid

Loaded E Liquid will forever have a spot in our hearts here at E Cigarette Empire.

When someone asks, “What is one of the best vape juice brands?”, our instant response is always Loaded E Liquid. There are many reasons behind this opinion and most of you already know why.


Loaded E Liquid, for a lack of a better word, is loaded with flavor. Every single one of their premium e juices are always packed to the brim with nothing but delicious flavor. From Glazed Donuts to Apple Fritter, you can always bank on receiving a delicious inhale and exhale.

Size does not always equal price!

One thing that Loaded E Liquid is known for is that they produce huge 120ML glass bottles filled with magnificent vape juice yet they go for such an inexpensive price! Matter of fact they are sold here at E Cigarette Empire for a mere $11.95! That is because Loaded E Liquid wants to make sure that vapers across the globe can get their hands on the best without having to break the bank.

The saga:

Loaded E Liquid has been around for years now and they have steady released new flavors over the time of their existence. Right now their most recent flavors are the Overloaded line which consists of Banana Custard, Blueberry Custard, and Vanilla Custard.

You can always count on Loaded E Liquid to produce top notch vape juice which is why we think that they are one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018 and all time!

KILO E Juice


KILO, another veteran vape juice brand in the community.

KILO has been around in the vape game since the birth. No joke. From the time that this company was formed till now, they have done nothing but crush out countless amounts of premium vape juice flavors that they world loves.

Including E Cigarette Empire.

Their story starts of with the famous 120ML bottles in the rectangle tins. Everyone remembers those. Not only were they cool looking but inside those tins contained some of the world’s most delicious vape juice.

One of the main reasons why we believe that KILO is one of the Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018 is because of their roots. Not only does this company produce some of the world’s best tasting fruit flavors but they also stick to their roots.

Back in those infamous 120ML tin days, they had some famous flavors. KILO stuck with those flavors till this day and never abandon them. They are now produced in 30ML, 60ML, 120ML, and soon to be 100ML sizes. While maintaining their original flavors, they have also produced new lines such as the White and Black flavor lines.

This means that not only is KILO still producing some of the globes best fruit flavors but they are also releasing new flavors at the same time with most of them being based off of their original famous flavor profiles.

How smart!?

Look I will tell you this much. KILO is one of the original founding fathers of the vape juice game. Put some respect on their name.

Blog Summary

Here is a summarized list of Best Vape Juice Brands of 2018 in no order:

1. Milkman

2. One Hit Wonder E Liquid

3. Juice Roll-Upz

4. Naked 100 E Juice

5. Ruthless Vapors

6. 7 Daze

7. Dinner Lady

8. Marina Vape

9. Bazooka Vape

10. Ripe Vapes

11. Bad Drip Labs

12. Air Factory

13. Cosmic Fog

14. Loaded E Liquid

15. KILO

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