E Juice Deals

Posted on 11 August 2017

E Juice Deals

E Juice Deals

For the first time in E Cigarette Empire we are going to blog and release our E Juice Deals schedule for the upcoming 30 days! Now you can get a jump on these amazing discounted premium vape juices and know what to expect. These prices are 100% accurate and only available for 30 days so hop right on it to save yourself some serious money! Below we are going to dial in and 5 key brands that will be included in E Juice Deals and talk a little about each of them.


8/14 - 9/4:

Beard 120ML - $27.95

Charlies Chalk Dust - $15.95

Cosmic Fog 60ML - $14.95

Liquid State 60ML - $14.95

8/21 - 9/11:

Pepe’s Churros 60ML - $15.95

Confection 120ML - $34.95

Snap 120ML - $28.95

Ruthless 120ML - $28.95

8/28 - 9/18:

Ruthless 60ML - $16.95

Cloud King 60ML - $13.95

Mr Freeze 100ML - $17.95

Marina Vape 120ML - $26.95

9/4 - 10/2:

BLVK Unicorn 60ML - $14.95

Candy King 100ML - $18.95

Clown 120ML - $27.95

The Schwartz 60ML - $15.95

Clown Premium Liquids


Clown Liquids is one of my personal favorite companies out there right now. Made by the geniuses over at Bad Drip, this companies is absolutely killing the vape game. When it comes to premium fruit flavored e liquids, Clown is my personal go to. Bad Drip has been around since 2014 and their newest line Clown is just under a year old. This company's marketing is hilarious and I love it. They specialize in fruity flavored e juices. When I think of Clown, I think of summer vapes. This whole line is perfect for summertime vaping and chilling. My personal favorite is their newest juice on the line, Drooly. Drooly is a delicious blend of grape and berries. This e liquid is so freakin good and so smooth to vape; it is currently my all-day vape. This company’s bottles and packaging are so damn cool and exactly what vaping is about; having fun! They do a little trolling with their advertising and it is obvious that these guys take their craft seriously but have a great time doing it. We carry Drooly and all of this company’s juices in 60ML and 120ML bottles so you can pick your poison. Head over to the Clown Liquids juice category and take a look for yourself.

Cosmic Fog


Cosmic Fog is based out of Costa Mesa, California. Cosmic Fog is one of the first premium e juice lines I had ever heard of when I started vaping 6 years ago. They have been making quality, delicious e liquids ever since. I went to their website and learned quite a bit about their process and the system they use when making every juice that they put out. The quality control and thought put into each flavor is clearly well thought out and very purposeful. The testimony to this is clear when you vape their juices. They spend 7-10 months with every flavor they come out with, dialing it in and testing it to make sure the flavor lasts and continues to be flavorful for steady vaping months on end. These premium e liquids were designed to be all-day vapes; each and every one. My personal favorite from this company is Milk and Honey. This flavor also happens to be one of our top sellers and a clear winner to me when it comes to all-day milk flavored vapes. We all recommend this company when we recommend juices because of their quality and attention to detail. Head over to the Cosmic Fog juice category and take a look for yourself!

Marina Vape


Marina Vape is one of the best e juice companies out right now. They have been making premium e liquid since 2013. Based out of Los Angeles, California, Marina Vape is right in the central hub of the vape and e cigarette explosion that took the country by storm this past decade. They have several different flavors and subsidiary juice lines under the Marina umbrella. Their donut series, Pebbles, Blueberry, and Strawberry are some of the best and consistent flavors out on the market right now. Some of their one-off juice lines are the Alpha Vape, Nick’s Blissful Brews, Dohnuts, and Treats to mention a few. Marshmallow Man and its brother Marshmallow Man 2 are incredible and some of the best marshmallow flavors ever made. These guys have been around for a while now and for good reason. They are one of the best and oldest companies in the vape game. They make all of their e juices in house and use the best ingredients known to man. They use USP grade nicotine, USDA grade VG,PG, and flavorings. I have never gotten a bad bottle of this juice as the quality and attention to detail is second to none. Grab a bottle today!

Ruthless E-Juice


Ruthless is a company that has been making quality and downright delicious e juices for some time now. It is hard to know where to start with them because it seems like they are making everything these days. From the Loaded series to Hotcakes, Ice Cream Man, and TFC these guys have been doing it all! Loaded is one of our number 1 seller and for good reason. Ruthless has managed to make premium e juice for an affordable price. We love this about them. Sure they make some money and could be making more but they want us and you to be vaping for a reasonable price and we love that! The brilliant minds over at Ruthless have a background in culinary arts and it is pretty obvious once you vape the complex and delicious e juice. This company has been around since 2011 and have been a staple in the vaping industry ever since. We at E Cigarette Empire all have at least one favorite e liquids made by this company. Stop by the Ruthless category on our page now and browse all of the delicious and tasty flavors that they provide!

Charlie’s Chalk Dust


Charlie’s Chalk Dust is based out of California and are also one of the longest standing premium vape companies out there. This company is doing a lot and have recently released a lot of new and exciting e juices. They have a few other companies under their name which include Pacha Mama, Campfire, and Bake Sale. They of course, have their original White series line and now their Black series. With all of these delicious flavors, this company is always bringing large amounts of flavor, good juice consistency and quality ingredients. They are one of the most trusted and relied upon e juice vendors out right now. It is hard to choose a favorite of mine as they are all very good and very different, but I will try. Wonder Worm, which is a sweet and sour gummy worm has always been one of my go to vapes for that sour gummy worm taste. My newest favorite is Slam Berry, a delicious and creamy homemade strawberry ice cream. No matter what vape flavor you choose from Charlie’s Chalk Dust, you won’t be disappointed. These guys really know what they are doing and it reflects with every puff you take.


Always check back weekly to read up on our newest blogs! Also make sure you stop by E Juice Deals and our Coupons page because they are updated weekly with new goodies and discounts! If you have any questions or requests on a product to review, feel free to email tony@ecigaretteempire.com

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