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Naked E Juice Coupon Code

October 11, 2017 3 min read

Naked E Juice Coupon Code

Naked 100 E Juice is one of the most popular vape juice flavors in the game and has been for a long time now. Here at E Cigarette Empire we absolutely love Naked 100 and it is one of our most favorite brands.


First off, Naked 100 has produces some of the most profound flavors in all of e juice history. Every single vape juice is made with pure perfection which provides an extremely delicious inhale and exhale. 

Naked 100 is also known for extremely smooth throat hits. There is nothing worse than vaping on a liquid that has a great flavor profile but every time you take a hit it causes throat irritation and burning. 

This is not the story with Naked 100. Their throat hits are almost undetectable and smooth like butter. You can take the biggest vape hit in history without having to worry about coughing up a lung or two.

So you may ask, "What is the point of all this?".


E Cigarette Empire is offering a Naked 100 E Juice Coupon Code that grants 40% off of all Naked 100 E Juice! This vape discount does not expire and will be active forever!

It is the vape juice deal of the century!

With that being said let's talk about some notable flavors!

Maui Sun by Naked 100

Maui Sun by Naked 100is the newest addition to the Naked flavor line and it is delicious. This is something not to miss and with the Naked 100 E Juice Coupon Code you are getting this bottle for the cheapest price on the internet!

Maui Sun has the tropical flavor profile of Pineapple, Orange, and Tangerine. Together these three flavors unite to make up one of the ultimate profiles that this world has ever seen. The inhale is more of a pineapple sensation while the exhale is a full blown tangerine and orange blend. We must say that Maui Sun is now the most enjoyable liquid from the Naked 100 E Juice flavor line.

Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100

Respect your Elders:

Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 is one of this e juice brands most historic and prestigious flavors of all time. Hawaiian Pog is a household name and this sauce is carried in every Vape Shop across the globe. It never gets old.. Every inhale brings forth the experience and nostalgia of the first time vape.

Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100's flavor profile consist of three main fruit ingredients which come together to create God's nectar. Passion Fruit, Guava, and Orange is the name of the game here guys. These three flavors unite and make up one of the most delicious and notable profiles that vapers have ever seen. The inhale is a pure passion fruit extravaganza while the exhale is a unique guava and orange blend. 

You know what goes great with some classic Hawaiian Pog?

A Naked 100 E Juice Coupon Code! Receive 40% off using the code "Naked100" when purchasing Hawaiian Pog or any other Naked 100 vape juice flavor.

Lava Flow by Naked 100

This one goes down in the books:

When it comes to the most historic and reputable e juice flavors in the game of vaping, Lava Flow will always be on the list. This is a fact and not an opinion. Lava Flow is one of the most loved flavors in the vaping scene and it will stay this way till the end of the human race. 


Lava Flow has one of the most enjoyable flavor profiles that a vaper can experience. Strawberry, Pineapple, and Coconut all fuse together to make up a delectable flavor that all vapers can enjoy. Whether you love dessert, beverage, menthol, tobacco, or even breakfast it does not matter. You will love Lava Flow. With a Strawberry inhale combo-ed with a pineapple coconut exhale, your taste buds will be hooked at first taste. Lava Flow is known to be an all day vape and nothing short of perfection.


The Naked 100 E Juice Coupon Code will save you 40% off when you purchase Lava Flow or any other of the Naked 100 E Juice flavors!  

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