Chapter XII Vapors is a brand of e-juice based out of Orange
County, California. We know the creators personally and they are all great guys
who have a lot of knowledge about creating delicious e-liquids. Each one of
their flavors is unique, genuine and delicious. Almost all of their e-juices
are named after famous writers which we think is a cool touch. Think of Chapter
XII Vapors as a sophisticated e-juice brand with top notch flavoring. For
example, Salinger is a ripe blend of cantaloupe, papaya, and a little
pomegranate. Joyce tastes like slow churned vanilla ice cream, topped with
fresh berries. Capote is profiled to be pineapples, peach, and hints of banana
cream. Then there is Hemmingway, which is a mix of strawberries, vanilla
custard, and Bavarian Cream. Fitzgerald is a refreshing strawberry and lime
sparkling soda beverage. Finalized with Twain, and unique mixture of Cuban
Tobacco Leaf and Custard. There aren’t too many other e-juices like these on
the market right now which is what makes Chapter XII Vapors so special. We
carry their product in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels in 30ML bottles. Sit
back, grab a book, and have a vape while you read. That is what the creators of
Chapter XII Vapors would want!

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salinger e juice by chapter xii vapors 30ml joyce e juice by chapter xii vapors 30ml capote e juice by chapter xii vapors 30ml
Ripe Cantaloupe and Succulent Papaya with a Kiss of Pomegranate Slow Churned Vanilla Ice Cream with a Topping of Fresh Berries An Intoxicating Blend of Pineapple and Peach with Subtle Hints of Bananas and Cream
hemingway e juice by chapter xii vapors 30ml fitzgerald e juice by chapter xii vapors 30ml twain e juice by chapter xii vapors
A Sinfully Delicious Blend of Fresh Strawberries, Bavarian Cream, and Vanilla Custard A Refreshing Blend of Strawberry and Sparkling Lime Soda Cuban Tobacco Leaf and Custard