Charlie is a spiritual individual
with a very interesting story to tell. To make a long story short, Charlie goes
through a spiritual experience that leads into an accidental discovery of
interpersonal enlightenment. Charlie’s Chalkdust e-juice makes some of the
finest hand mixed craft e-liquids on the market with a flavor for every kind of
vaper can enjoy! Today the legend lives on as Charlie’s Chalk dust!

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head bangin boogie 30ml by charlies chalk dust drama swirl by charlies chalk dust 30ml honey badger by charlies chalk dust 30 ml
Head Bangin Boogie is a delicious flavor that tastes like a tropical popsicle! Drama swirl is a decadent blend of flavors that is said to taste like an apricot glazed golden pastry! Honey Badger is a delicious blend of flavor extracts that tastes like Honey Brushed Tobacco Leaves with Smooth Cream.
Charlie's Chalk dust Mustache Milk e juice 30ML charlies chalk dust e juice wonder worm 30ml
Mustache Milk is a deliciously smooth flavor that is reminiscent of your favorite Savory Cereal Soaked in something sweet.

Wonder Worm by Charlie's Chalkdust is a sweet but tangy blend of Crystalized Gummy Worms Laced with Psychedelic Sweet Tarts.