Cloud Joose has been making a big name for themselves in the
industry ever since their beginning. They are an up and coming e-juice brand that has been gaining popularity. Right now we only carry a select few of
their e-juices. If you’re reading this and you see more than 2 e-liquid options
and the bottom of this page, it means we received some other flavors. Their
Watermelon flavor tastes amazing, it is a simple piece of the green rectangular
gummy stretchy head candies that everybody loves. Pom Berry Lemonade is also a
delicious e-juice that is profiled to taste like a refreshing glass of
pomegranate lemonade. We carry each one of Cloud Joose’s e-liquids in 0MG, 3MG
and 6MG nicotine levels, in 30ML bottles. Click the pictures below for a more in-depth
look. Grab some today!

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pomberry lemonade e juice by cloud joose 30ml watermelon by cloud joose e juice 30ml
Blueberry Pomegranate Lemonade Watermelon Red Bolloon Taffy Candy. Enough Said.