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What's the quickest way to success in almost any industry? The answer, of course, is that you give the customer more for less. That's the founding principle of Air Factory E-Liquid, and it's what has guided the company to the top of the vaping heap over just a few short years. The Air Factory brand now encompasses several lines of vape juice, each with its own distinct identity and flavor style. 

Who Is Air Factory?

Founded in 2016 and based in California, Air Factory earned a name for itself by becoming the first e-liquid brand to supply vape juice in the famed 100 ml Chubby Gorilla bottle. You might not think that the bottle you're using can have a drastic effect on your vaping experience, but if that's the case, it's only because you've never used a Chubby Gorilla bottle. With multiple patents pending, the Chubby Gorilla bottle resists leaking and dispenses e-liquid easily and without mess. Air Factory rode its superb flavors, big bottles and low prices straight to the top of the industry.

What Is the Best Air Factory E-Liquid?

The best thing about the classic Air Factory e-liquids is that they all use the same delicious taffy base. If you like the taffy base, you'll love every Air Factory vape juice; just choose your favorite fruity flavor. If you ask us, though, we'd say that you should try the amazing Blue Razz e-liquid. For those of us who have reached a certain age, blue raspberry is one of the signature candy flavors of our youth. Tasting blue raspberry brings about a certain sense of nostalgia, and that nostalgia comes on strong every time we take a big puff of Blue Razz by Air Factory.

Air Factory E-Liquid Brands

On this page, you see all of Air Factory's classic taffy-flavored e-liquids. After the company's founding, though, they launched several additional brands that you should definitely explore if you're a real Air Factory fan.

Not sure which Air Factory e-liquid to try first? Here's how the different Air Factory brands break down.

  • Air Factory: You are here! The classic Air Factory e-liquids are based on the famous packaged taffy candies that you can buy in just about any convenience store. In each Air Factory e-liquid, you'll get that delightful stretchy taffy flavor along with a deliciously sweet note of fruit.
  • Air Factory - Treat: Once Air Factory realized that there were no taffy worlds left to conquer, there was nothing left for the company to do but expand into some different flavor profiles. The Treat Factory e-liquid line captures the flavors of other popular treats ranging from cookies and custard to jawbreakers and fruity pastries. 
  • Air Factory - Frost: Vapers around the world have consistently shown that they love fruit-and-ice e-liquids. Add a bit of menthol to a fruity taffy e-liquid, and instantly, you get something that tastes more like a fruity sorbet or frozen slush. Frost Factory combines the classic Air Factory flavors with a bit of coolness to instantly make your vaping experience more refreshing.
  • Air Factory - Salt: If you own a pod vaping system, you know that the best way to have a satisfying vaping experience with a low-temperature device is to use nicotine salt e-liquid. Salt Factory takes the classic Air Factory e-liquids and sets them in a smooth and satisfying nicotine salt base for maximum enjoyment with your pod system.

Air Factory: Bottle Sizes and Nicotine Strengths

Air Factory comes in two distinct bottle sizes and nicotine strengths to suit your vaping needs. As we mentioned above, the standard Air Factory e-liquids -- along with Air Factory's Treat Factory and Frost Factory lines -- ship in the famous 100 ml Chubby Gorilla bottle. Between the huge bottle size and the low price, Air Factory is a brand that can keep your thirsty sub-ohm tank fed for days. All of Air Factory's 100 ml e-liquids are available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3 and 6 mg.

As we also mentioned above, you'll want to look at the Salt Factory line if you use a pod vaping system. Salt Factory e-liquids come in the same great flavors that you know and love from the original Air Factory e-juice lineup, but they come in smaller 30 ml bottles and have higher nicotine strengths. The available nicotine strengths for Salt Factory e-liquids are 35 and 50 mg. 

E Cigarette Empire Loves Air Factory E-Liquid

Air Factory E Liquid is a prime example of a "perfect" e juice brand that we carry. They are based out our home town of Orange County, California, and have earned their spot in the industry. They are one of the only vape brands that sell their product in 100ML bottles which we think is pretty cool.

Our Favorite Air Factory E-Juices

They have two flavors that are taking over right now. They are called Blue Razz and ?Mystery?. They are both unique candy themed flavors that are absolutely delicious to vape on. Not only do they taste great, but we love their label work and bottling as well. They come in big easy-to-drip plastic unicorn bottles which are great to carry on the go. The artwork on the bottles look like something out of a cartoon video game or something. They have a blue and pink theme which makes the bottles eye catching and appealing. Blue Razz tastes like a mixture of blue raspberry taffy candy. ?Mystery? Tastes like... you guessed it, a mystery flavored candy. We noticed a mixture of berries and taffy candy when we tried it. Both of these flavors are scrumptious and mouth watering. They both come in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels. We can't wait to see what else is in store for Air Factory E Liquid, and see what else they have coming our way.


Air Factory Expert Flavor Review:


Mystery takes on a flavor profile that no one can quite nail down the exact notions which is what makes this e liquid so popular. While one person may taste a cherry taffy candy, the other might taste a blueberry taffy candy, and in our opinion, each inhale provides a different flavor experience every time! 

All while you are experiencing some of the best flavor experience of your life, the throat hit remains calm and does not cause any coughing or burning sensations.

One thing is for sure though, the production of flavor from this popular vape juice never fades!

Blue Razz

Blue Razz is one of the original two flavors released from Air Factory years ago and is still one of the most popular e juices in the industry today. The blue raspberry taffy candy flavor profile is just one that provides so much delicious flavorings that you cannot ignore. 

The inhale produces a very strong blue razz sensation that is accompanied with, and soon took over by, a smooth taffy candy undertone. As you exhale, the taffy notions become increasingly stronger but so do the blue raspberry sensations! All of this is happening while the throat hit remains in the background soft and subtle.

Wild Apple

Wild Apple was the third flavor to be released by Air Factory, and just like the rest of the flavor line, it immediately gained traction. The apple taffy candy flavor profile produces some of the strongest sensations that you will find in a premium vape juice.

The inhale provides a sour apple experience that is toned down with a sweet taffy candy undertone but while you exhale the taffy candy sensation does become the main star of the show. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the e liquid for you! You can say goodbye to that dang sweet tooth of yours for good!

Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Kiwi was the fourth addition to the Air Factory E Liquid saga and also received a lot of love as well. The strawberry kiwi taffy candy flavor profile is one that sits well with taste palates across the world, which is why Air Factory decided to master the ratio of this vape juice.

Strawberry is the main character of this novel while you take deep inhales but the taffy candy flavoring does exist on the undertone. As you transition into an exhale, notions of kiwi and taffy candy explode across your taste buds leaving you in a complete flavor shock.

Melon Lush

Melon Lush is one of the newer flavors released from Air Factory E Liquid and takes on a wonderful flavor profile of watermelon taffy. Each inhale provides a stronger and stronger watermelon flavor sensation that will sweep your taste buds right off of their feet. The exhale is mainly focused on the delicious taffy candy notions that will cure any case of a sweet tooth.

Melon Lush is very popular due to the fact that even if you have been vaping on this flavor exclusively for a month, it still tastes like it is the first time you are vaping it.

Berry Rush

Berry Rush is one of the more unique premium vape juice flavors in the Air Factory line. The unique, but delicious, flavor profile consists of a mixed berry and dragon fruit taffy candy. Believe us when we tell you that the inhale alone on this e liquid will have your mouth drooling like crazy.

The unique dragon fruit flavor notions come to life during the deep inhale and the mixed berry undertone crashes around the palate like a stormy sea. Upon exhaling, the taffy candy sensations really strengthen, leaving you no other option but to come back for more.

Air Factory - Frost

If you have are familiar with the industry at all, we are sure you have heard of Air Factory. If you have, we are sure you’ve heard good things. The guys at Air Factory have been in the industry for a while, and have been putting out some seriously good products consistently since they were created. We are pleased to announce the arrival of a byproduct of these guys, their new line Frost Factory.

Frost Factory is all about taking already delicious flavor profiles, and adding a little menthol twist to them. Whether they are going for an exotic fruit flavor like lychee, or just a good ol’ fashion apple flavor, these guys nail any flavor profile that they go for. These menthol undertones are so smooth and delicious that we would encourage those of you not too big on menthol to give them a try. And of course, if you are a menthol enthusiast, then these are the juices for you.

Frost Factory, uses the same rigorous testing process as Air Factory, and creates all of their premium e liquids with the same high grade ingredients to ensure only the best quality. Grab a bottle from E Cigarette Empire today!

Air Factory - Treat

The creators of the famous flavor line Air Factory is back again except they are tackling a different flavor profile. Treat Factory is the newest flavor line from the premium e juice brand Hold Fast Vapors and they have perfected not only the candy profile but now the dessert treat profile. Treat Factory will focus on releasing flavors such as snacks, desserts, treats, and sometimes even pure candy! All of their vape juices are made with extremely high quality ingredients are very gentle on coils and cotton!

Jawbreaker is one of the most popular flavors of the line and all together as well. It has the flavor profile of a pure jawbreaker just like the original e juice Jaws. From inhale to exhale you will experience a one of a kind flavoring that taste exactly like the center of a jawbreaker!

E Cigarette Empire recommends Treat Factory to every vaper across the world and this flavor line is currently one of the most popular lines that we carry.