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If you would like an e juice brand that will send your taste buds soaring out of this planet then Alien Vape is the e liquid for you. This brand is newly established in 2016 and has skyrocketed in the vape juice community. Even though they are extremely new they already have the reputation of producing some serious tasting premium e juice. For example, their newest e liquid, Area 51, is a prime example. It has the flavor profile of a bunch of melons and it is so fruity it will knock the taste buds right off of your tongue! Everyone here at E Cigarette Empire can agree that Area 51 is the most fruitful vape juice we have ever tried and we can tell it is some next level stuff. The cool thing about Alien Vape is that the bottle designs of all of their e liquids have sometime of extraterrestrial pictures to them. They really grab the attention of anyone who passes by because of the design. If you are looking for a new e juice brand to try out or even just keeping an eye out; we here at the Empire highly recommend Alien Vape for you. Come try this brand out before it is all sold out!



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