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We have many different e juices to choose from, but when it comes to the selection we realized something important. Everyone loves Italian food. But something that is even more loved is Cannolis; which is an Italian dessert which tons of popularity in the USA. Bam's has decided to provide the vaping community which some awesome premium e-juice that is focused around the famous cannoli. The second that E-Cigarette Empire got these wonderful sauces they started flying right off of the shelves. These e-juices have flavor profiles of different varieties of cannolis such as cookies and cream cannoli; they even have a Key Lime Whipped Cream with Fruity Pebbles cannoli. Come on what is better than that? Bam's Cannoli use all FDA approved ingredients in their e-liquid so there is no mystery on what you are vaping on. Bam Bams all come in 100ML bottle sizes. Bam Bams e-juice also comes in a very appetizing box with a picture of the type of cannoli flavor the e-liquid is! Dessert lovers look no further Bam Bams has answered our prayers, and they have answered them with raining awesome cannolis from the sky. Come experience these high end cannoli e-liquids with us.