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Banana Butt E Liquids is a brand new company here at E Cigarette Empire. They have been all over social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram; now we finally see why. This e juice brand produces some serious sauce guys. The taste of their e juices are like no other. They are full of good tasting flavor and they also produce some real chunky clouds. Their most popular e juice out right now is called Right Cheek. It has the flavor profile of a Banana Cream Pie with Oatmeal Cookie Crust. Not only does the vape juice taste exactly like the real thing but this flavor profile is extremely unique. This is the first time us here at E Cigarette Empire have came across a Banana Pie of this sort. Banana Butt E Liquids does a very good job at packaging. The e liquids come in a box that is bright in yellow color with a graphic of a banana man with his buttcheeks hanging out; hence the Right Cheek and Left Cheek e juice names. If you want to experience something new and premium then Banana Butt E Liquids is the brand for you! Come swing by the web page or shop and check this stuff out!