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Here at E Cigarette Empire we love quality. Nothing is better than a nice bottle of quality e juice. It taste amazing; it looks amazing, and it feels amazing. It is what will separate an e juice brand from the rest of them. That is exactly what Big Cheap Bottle decided to do. Not only do they provide quality vape juice but they also destroyed and crushed the quantity aspect. Big Cheap Bottle produces 120ML bottle sizes for an inexpensive price. One thing that is really cool about Big Cheap Bottle is that they have simple flavor profiles that they have perfected to the T. For example their flavor BCB Gummies is simple but packs such strong flavor that it will blow your tongue away. Not only that but it taste like the real deal. Every one of Big Cheap Bottle’s flavors taste exactly like the real life thing and every single throat hit is smooth and subtle. If you are looking for a way to stop spending so much cash on e juice than Big Cheap Bottle is the way to go. Quality and quantity is what you will find here with Big Cheap Bottle.