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Oh boy! Black Note is here!

Black Note is one of the most premium e juice brands in the whole world and we are honored to be carrying their flavors here at E Cigarette Empire. Seriously, if you have not tried any of these Black Note flavors then you have not experienced high quality e liquid.

Black Note uses a nine step process to produce their vape juice which spans over a course of two years. All of their flavors are tobacco themed and have their flavor actually extracted from real tobacco leaves. They only pick the best leaves and the best part of the leaves. The crops they choose from are all cultivated with extremely high care.

One thing that really grabs the attention is that Black Note is the only e juice brand in the world that has their liquids LAB Certified N.E.T. There is not one ingredient in their liquids that you cannot pronounce and they do not use any artificial sweeteners or flavorings. This allows their vape juice to be completely gunk free which will make a coil lifespan twice as long!

Black Note is the highest quality e juice that you can get. It does not get any better than this and you can now find their flavors here at E Cigarette Empire! Not only are of these flavors the best tobacco flavored e liquids but they also taste very well when mixed together with other vape juice flavors such as vanilla or caramel!