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When it comes to vape juices there are a couple household names that ring bells. We call them the e liquid gods. One of the names is Boyd Gaffney. He is considered one of the best vape juice producers. He has been with a bunch of top tier brands throughout his time. We all know the story of the master and the apprentice. Well now is the time where Boyd Gaffney has trumped all. He decided to venture off and develop his own e juice brand. Boyds Bounty is one of the most premium tasting brands out. They debuted with their juice called Full Flavor. It has the flavor profile of a Sweet Cream Raisin Oatmeal Cookie with a little bit of Tobacco. Together these flavors unite to make up the ultimate vape juice. Not to mention the fact that you taste buds will drool for more once they get their first little taste of heaven. Always trust Boyd. Boyds Bounty uses a 70/30 VG/PG mixture for their e liquids. This ratio is the most popular due to the extreme flavor and huge clouds that this blend allows to be produced. Come join the almighty here at E Cigarette Empire and try some this e juice brand out. Seek out some Boyds Bounty!



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