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Brewell Vapory has been a favorite on social media and in the vape community for many different reasons. They have great flavors, they are very consistent, they are crafted in the US, and they have manufactured their items with the highest quality ingredients. Great care and artistry are a part of Brewell Vapory’s flavor creation and selection process. Brewell Vapory does not rush new flavors, taking time to let their e-juice steep (stand over period of time to increase flavor) and taking their time to decide the new flavors they are going to bring to the market. Their team takes months to select the ingredients for their e-juice and the final product is tested multiple times throughout the steeping process to make for a product that is pleasurable to every palate from every walk of life. Brewell Vapory’s primary line of flavors is creatively referred to as brews and the number of the brew is labeled on the bottle. This line includes Brew #9 e-juice, which is also known as the Brewberry Breakfast Blend. It tastes like a huge bowl of fruity loops of cereal alongside a blueberry muffin leaving you hungry for breakfast at any time of day. Brew #22 e-juice is a hard strawberry candy that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Brew #72 e-juice is an Arancia coffee that will have the java lovers going crazy. Also, there is Brew #88 e-juice. It tastes of a jasmine milk tea that is smooth, light, and milky. Last but not least is Brew #123, also known as Brewnana Breakfast blend, which is a beautiful banana flavor with notes of corn flake cereal and cold milk. Brewell Vapory also has another line that goes by the name of MYLK. It consists of three different flavors: Original MYLK, which is a sweet, condensed milk e-liquid. Secondly they have created Strawberry Mylk, which has similar notes as the initial flavor with a strawberry twist. Their newest flavor, Caramel Almond MYLK e-juice, is a talk glass of caramel flavored almond milk. Both of these lines are a huge hit in the vape community and you are sure to find an e-liquid that will make you go crazy. The majority of these e-liquids by Brewell Vapory are blended right at 70/30 VG/PG, which balances the perfect amount of flavor and vapor production. These e-liquids by Brewell Vapory’s e-juice have a very smooth and satisfying throat hit that makes for an all-around wonderful vaping experience. All these e-liquid flavors are available in 30 ml bottles and in 0, 3, and 6mg nicotine levels. We highly recommend you check out this manufacturer and stock up on your favorites while supplies lasts!