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Pop! Vapors is a newer e juice brand that quickly gained popularity in the vaping scene. This premium vape juice company has perfected the candy flavor profile and we could not be more happy about it. They debuted with five original flavors, all of which were fruit candy flavor profiles with even one menthol gum!

Right now, Pop! Vapors is one of the most popular 100ML's here at E Cigarette Empire. They are very much sought after here at the Empire as well as around the world. When Pop! Vapors first released, every single Online Vape Store was trying to get their hands on this e liquid so that right there in itself says enough about these guys.

There has been rumors about what the next flavor release is going to be but it is only speculation. We cannot wait to see what else this e juice brand has in store for us vapers but we will say this.

Pop! Vapors is one of the best brands to ever make candy flavored vape juices. Hands down!

In this collection, you will see all of the flavors that they currently have to offer with detailed flavor profiles about each of them!