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Everyone loves a scary clown, and Clown Premium Liquid takes the metaphor to its furthest possible extent with a series of seriously frightening vape juices in a spine-tingling assortment of flavors. 

Who Is Clown Premium E-Liquid?

One of the brands of the legendary Bad Drip Labs, Clown Premium E-Liquid is a vape juice label that you're going to love regardless of how much clowns may scare you. Just don't read the official descriptions of the flavors; with flavor names like Drooly and Skitzo, you're going to think that these e-liquids actually were created by crazy clowns with murderous intentions!

What Are the Best Clown E-Liquid Flavors?

With a huge variety of sweet and fruity flavors from which to choose, picking the first Clown e-liquid to buy might feel like a nearly impossible task! It's a good thing that we've tested all of them for you. These are our favorites.


Pennywise by Clown Premium Liquid is a vape juice capturing the flavor of the bubblegum that you love to grab when you're in the checkout lane at the supermarket. You know the bubblegum that combines the flavors of watermelon and strawberry. It's green on the outside and red in the middle, and it's all kinds of tasty. It's also full of sugar and horrible for your teeth! Now, you can have that flavor whenever you want it -- without the guilt and without spending $1.99 on something that's going to be gone in five minutes.


Every clown appreciates a good joke, and you know that a candy with a joke in every package is certain to impress the crazy clowns at Clown Premium Liquid. Laffy by Clown E-Liquid delivers the flavor of a big, juicy piece of taffy with a super sweet blend of bold, fruity blueberry and grape flavors. The people at Clown created this vape juice to give you a nuanced experience with a flavor that evolves gradually from the inhale to the exhale. On the inhale, you'll primarily taste the bold blueberry base -- but as the flavor continues to develop in your mouth, the grape flavor begins to come through. The grape lingers on your palate after the exhale and keeps your mouth excited until the next puff.


If you're going to make an e-liquid brand with crazy clowns as the main theme, you'd better include a flavor with a carnival theme. Skitzo by Clown Premium E-Liquid is your favorite carnival treat in a big, affordable bottle. That's right -- it's a caramel apple! This juice perfectly blends the flavors of rich caramel and tart green apple, giving you a perfect pairing that hits the palate simultaneously. On the exhale, you'll detect the added richness of sweet cream to give your entire mouth a pleasant burst of warmth.

Sweet Tooth

Did we just say that the caramel apple was the quintessential carnival treat? We're sorry; we obviously neglected to mention cotton candy. It's a good thing that the folks at Clown Premium E-Liquid didn't forget! Sweet Tooth by Clown E-Liquid is a cotton candy e-liquid, but it delivers much more than just the plain sugar flavor of other cotton candy vape juices. This one blends an incredibly realistic cotton candy flavor with a bold note of slightly tangy red raspberry to create the flavor profile of a carnival snack that's even better than the real thing -- and if you don't agree, the clowns might just come and get you.

Clown E-Liquid: Bottle Sizes and Nicotine Strengths

Clown e-liquids come in two sizes. There's the original 60 ml size -- which comes with an eyedropper -- and the newer 120 ml size, which is even more affordable. The 120 ml bottle size comes with a removable nozzle tip for easy dispensing. Just remove the original child-safe cap, replace it with the nozzle and you're good to go. As with most other modern sub-ohm vape juices, clown e-liquids are available in the popular nicotine strengths of 0, 3 and 6 mg. You'll love the 70/30 VG/PG ratio of these vape juices; it's perfect for maximum cloud production if you're using an RDA, and it's also thin enough to work with most sub-ohm tanks. It's truly an e-liquid brand for every purpose.

E-Cigarette Empire Loves Clown Premium E-Liquid

Here at E Cigarette Empire there are some e juice brands that excel in the market more than others. One of these e liquid brands is Clown Premium Liquid. They have been notoriously known to make high grade premium sauce that delivers a once in a lifetime experience to the vaper. Many people know about the Bad Drip e juice brand due to its popularity. The good news is that Clown Premium Liquid is a child brand of Bad Drip.

Our Favorite Clown E-Liquid Flavors

Clown Premium Liquid has some really good flavors in the line such as Pennywise. It has the flavor profile of a strawberry bubblegum that really grabs the attention of the taste palate. Another one of their awesomes juices is called Splitz, it is genuine banana split profile. Tiwsty was another one of our favorites, it is profiled to taste like a scoop of “Razzberry” yogurt.

Clown Premium Liquid for Everyone

So far here at E Cigarette Empire we carry Clown Premium Liquid e juice brand in 120ML bottles with nicotine levels of 0MG, 3MG and 6MG. The cool thing about this e liquid brand is their cover art. Each juice bottle has a creepy clown design on it that is very detailed. Also on their labels they incorporate a lot of holographic shiny fonts so it really grabs the attention of the eye. If you are looking for a new e juice brand to try out this would be the one for sure. Stop by the web page or in store and check out Clown Premium Liquid!