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“Life is better by the coast”... We here at E Cigarette Empire could not agree more. Our headquarters is located in beautiful Huntington Beach, California, just a few miles away from the Pacific Ocean. With all the nautical vibes we experience on a daily basis, it was only appropriate we find a premium e liquid brand to represent that. We proudly introduce Coastline Vape Co, an up and coming brand with a scrumptious vape juices to choose from. First up on their roster is called Aquidneck. It has a funny name, but an awesome flavor profile of yummy peach cobbler accompanied by a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream topped with cinnamon powder. Next up there is Zuma which is a refreshing guava limeade beverage. In third place we have Stinson, which is our personal favorite. It is profiled to taste like cucumber, dragon fruit and melon.To finalize the line up, Coastline created a flavor called Lost. it taste like a lemon and berry tart dessert that we found absolutely wonderful. If that is not a 5 product power pack then we don't know what is. All of Coastline Vape Co.’s delicious e cig juice are genuine and accurate to their flavor profiles. We carry them in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels in 30ML bottle sizes for your convenience. Overall, we were and still are very impressed with Coastline Vape Co. We are excited to see what they are coming out with next. Enjoy!