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They have perfect candy and now they have moved onto dessert.

Cookie King is another flavor line that is now carried here and it is from the creators of Candy King. Now we all know that Candy King is literally the king of candy flavored e juice, so it only appropriate that they are now the king of dessert e liquids as well.

When we first debuted Cookie King at E Cigarette Empire it was instant madness. Every order seemed to have a Cookie King flavor and our employees were running around frantically making sure we did not run out of stock.

It is safe to say that Cookie King is no joke!

One of the most popular flavors from this line is definitely DVNK. It has the wonderful flavor profile of a graham cracker cookie that is smothered in vanilla frosting. From inhale to exhale, your taste palate is nonstop occupied with magnificent cookie flavoring that will have your mouth drooling and begging for more.

Another notable flavor from Cookie King is Lemon Wafer which has the popular flavor profile of a delectable lemon wafer cookie. After exhaling some huge clouds, you will notice that this liquid taste like the actual cookie!

Candy King was a history making flavor line in the vape juice game and Cookie King is following its path extremely close. To anyone who is looking for some top shelf dessert flavors then Cookie King is the way to go. We highly recommend to try all flavors in this line.