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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Cream Monster is a new flavor line made by Cloud Stout. Each one of these new flavors in this collection has different juicy fruits mixed with cream giving you the perfect fruity dessert premium e juices.

Some of the top sellers from Cream Monster are Got Eem - Guavanut and The Carter - Apple Kiwi. Got Eem is the unthinkably delicious combination of creamy coconut and guava. This e juice will have you dreaming of a tropical oasis.

The Carter is another prime example of the sheer goodness you will get from Cream Monster. With this mix of apple, kiwi, and cream you are sure to get hooked on this juice. Once you try one of these premium e juices, you will want to try all three flavors of this collection!

Cream Monster by Cloud Stout is based out of Los Angeles, California where all the great vape juices come from. You will not be let down with any of these delectable flavors. They have the highest quality ingredients and are made by vapers for vapers!