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Elysian Labs is one of the hottest vape juice brands out right now and you can find their flavors at E Cigarette Empire!

Elysian Labs was started as a small family-owned business and soon blossomed into something extraordinary. This eight-time award-winning brand has done the unthinkable when it comes to vape juice!

All of their flavors are made with the highest grade ingredients and it really shows with each inhales. With multiple flavors winning awards for best in class, it seems that everything that this company touches turns to gold. Elysian Labs also doesn’t just specialize in one flavor, they do it all!

One of the most popular lines from Elysian Labs, and our favorite, The Nillas. It consists of five different cake flavors all of which are extremely delicious and make for great all day vapes. The original Nilla Cake is one of favorite which has a flavor profile of buttery shortcake that is topped with vanilla icing and cream.

Another awesome flavor from Elysian Labs is Nana Flakes. It is the award-winning best breakfast flavor from Vape Showcase and everyone is trying to get their hands on it. The banana cereal with corn flakes and milk flavor profile is so delectable that people cannot stop talking about it. The mixologists over at Elysian Labs have perfected the art and recipe of this flavor hands down.

Their newest release is Dragonglass. It has a mango and dragonfruit flavor profile so if you love the taste of tropical or exotic fruit, this is for you! We wouldn’t be surprised if this flavor won an award as well!

Elysian Labs is one of the brands that everyone has respect for. They stayed true to themselves and continue to make premium tasting e liquids without losing quality. If you are looking for a brand that you want to try out or a brand that you can rely on, E Cigarette Empire recommends Elysian Labs above all!