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Have you made the switch to a Freemax vape tank yet? If you haven't, you're missing out on one of the best experiences that the vaping industry has to offer. Perhaps you haven't heard of Freemax yet; when the company launched, their business model primarily involved making vape gear for other companies to sell under their own brand names. These days, though, Freemax is striking out on its own -- and the entire vaping industry is better for it. Freemax is the company responsible for some of the best and most revolutionary tanks in the history of the vaping industry, and if you're not familiar with Freemax yet, get ready, because they're about to change the way you think about vape tanks forever.

Here at E-Cigarette Empire, we love Freemax because they're a true original in an industry full of copycats. For Freemax, it's never good enough to do something a certain way just because it's always been done that way. Freemax has always been unafraid to question the conventions of the vaping industry and to create something better when the situation calls for it. Unlike other manufacturers, Freemax never releases a new product just because it's a new year and everyone is expecting a new product. They release a new product only when they're certain that they've improved upon the previous-generation product in a meaningful way. 

When you buy Freemax vape tanks and coils from E-Cigarette Empire, rest assured that you're always getting a guaranteed authentic product at the best possible price. You can scour the world, and we believe that you'll never find vape gear at better prices than right here on this page.

Who Is Freemax?

Founded in 2013 and based in China, Freemax began its life as a white-label manufacturer of tanks and other vape gear. Other companies would buy Freemax tanks and coils and put their own labels on them. While operating as a white-label OEM might have ensured consistent business for Freemax, though, it also led to a situation in which few vapers were aware of the Freemax brand name. 

The lack of brand recognition began to change when Freemax released the Fireluke tank, a modern large-format sub-ohm tank sold exclusively under the Freemax name. From 2017 onward, Freemax would never be an unknown in the vaping industry again -- and the company's most important innovation was still yet to come. 

Why Is Freemax Important to the Vaping Industry?

Freemax Fireluke Mesh Tank

When Freemax released the Fireluke Mesh tank in late 2017, that turned out to be one of the most important product releases in the history of the vaping industry because it was the first vaping tank designed to use pre-built mesh coils.

Mesh coils were an immediate hit with the vaping community. Compared to a traditional wound vaping coil, a mesh coil heats more quickly and evenly while requiring much lower power levels to operate at maximum efficiency. Mesh coils are quiet, and their flavor quality and vapor production are absolutely top notch. Many of today's most popular vaping tanks use mesh coils, and we have Freemax to thank for that.

Freemax Mesh Pro Tank

As important as the Fireluke Mesh tank was, though, Freemax didn't stop there. They continued their takeover of the vaping industry with the release of the Freemax Mesh Pro in 2018. If the Fireluke Mesh had been a revolutionary tank, the Mesh Pro was doubly so because it was the first vape tank to work with dual-coil, triple-coil and quadruple-coil mesh coils. 

The vapor production of the Freemax Mesh Pro was beyond anyone's wildest dreams. The tank's quadruple mesh coil operated at a minimum power level of just 90 watts, but it could easily compete with the cloud production of a traditional tank with a much higher power requirement. 

A year after its release, the Mesh Pro is still the flagship vape tank from Freemax and still considered by many to have the best flavor and vapor production of any tank in the world. Since the release of the Mesh Pro, several other companies in the vaping industry have copied its design -- but no one has yet come up with anything better. For now, at least, nothing in the world can give you a better experience than a Freemax mesh coil.

E-Cigarette Empire Loves Freemax

I know everyone has been waiting for the day that E Cigarette Empire announces that they now carry FreeMax hardware products.


Today is that day!

FreeMax is one of the world’s most popular vape hardware brands and they are known to manufacture some of the world’s best vape tanks. After trying some of their products such as the FreeMax Mesh Pro vape tank, we can honestly agree that they produce some of the best hardware on the market.

History of Freemax Vape Tanks

FreeMax is a professional manufacturer of vape hardware products. They were found in 2013 and are based out of Shenzhen City, China. Since 2013, FreeMax had one aspiring goal and that was to manufacture the best possible vaping hardware that the universe has ever seen.

Freemax Starre

Along the way, FreeMax has achieved a lot of prestigious and commendable milestones. At the end of 2014, FreeMax released the Freemax Starre Tank which transitioned the vaping community into the Sub Ohm Tank age. In early 2015, the Freemax Starre Pure vape tank became the first Sub Ohm Tank to feature a top air flow system.

Freemax Fireluke and Mesh Pro

Towards the end of 2016, FreeMax released the Freemax Fireluke vape tank which is the world’s first sub ohm tank with a resin setup. Fast forward to the end of 2017; the FreeMax Fireluke Mesh tanks is released and it becomes the world’s first sub ohm tank with mesh coils. Now, the FreeMax Mesh Pro vape tank is the world’s first sub ohm tank with double and triple mesh coils.

Buy a Freemax Vape Tank Today

As you can see, FreeMax has exceeded expectations far beyond anything in the world. They have set multiple records and have been the first to execute many vape hardware technologies. Their skills and craftsmanship show with each one of their products.

Right now, the two most popular vape tanks on the market are the FreeMax Mesh Pros and the FreeMax Fireluke Mesh.

The FreeMax Mesh Pro is by far the best sub ohm tank that we have ever tried here at E Cigarette Empire. The cloud and flavor production is so immense that you will never switch back to a different sub ohm tank ever again.

One thing that stands out to us about the FreeMax vape tanks is that their coils last literally weeks. Most coils in the industry have an average lifespan of 2 to 5 days but with the FreeMax coils this is the not the case. You can still produce amazing clouds and flavor one week into using the same coil.

E Cigarette Empire highly recommends this Vape Tank to everyone. Hands down, it has provided the best flavor and cloud experience that we have ever come across.