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When it comes to discussing some of the best premium e juice brands in the industry, Fresh Farms enters the conversion every time. E Cigarette Empire is proud to announce that we now carry both Fresh Farms e liquid flavors and Fresh Farms nicotine salt flavors.

Based out of Fountain Valley, California, Fresh Farms is an American Made vape juice brand with one goal in mind and that is to bring the best possible vaping experience to people across the world. This brand has raised the standards when it comes to fruit flavored e liquids and we suggest that every vaper give these flavors a puff.

Fresh Farms consists of four main flavors, all of which are based around a fruity flavor profile. The most popular one at E Cigarette Empire is Barnyard Berry. It takes on a mixed berry and sugar flavor profile that will steal the hearts of each individual taste bud on your tongue. Barnyard Berry is a perfect example of what the mixologists over at Fresh Farms are capable of.

Even though Fresh Farms is a newer e juice brand, they have quickly climbed up the ranks. You can find a Fresh Farms booth at almost any vape expo in the United States and every vape shop is trying to get their hands on all of their flavors. From the second that E Cigarette Empire started carrying Fresh Farms, their flavors started to fly off of our shelves. Now they are one of the best selling brands here at the warehouse!

To anyone who is looking for that new and upcoming brand, we highly recommend Fresh Farms. Their ability to produce a high-quality fruit flavored vape juice is better than most and all of their liquids provide a never fading flavor experience.

Fresh from the farm, only the finest of e liquids!