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Fruit Twist E-Liquids is making a name for themselves with this new e juice flavor line. They specialize in fruit-flavored high-quality vape juice and let me just tell you what we’ve seen from them we love! Here at E Cigarette Empire our employees and customers love these fruity flavored premium e liquids.

Fruit Twist E-Liquids has a very notable flavor called Tropical Pucker Punch that is sure to be your new all day vape. This e juice takes on the flavor profile of fruit punch juice with a twist of sour to top it all off. This e liquid will make you pucker and smile uncontrollably.

Not only does Fruit Twist E-Liquids specialize in fruit-flavored e juices but they have truly mastered it and you can tell with each one of their vape juices. Their packaging is just as delicious as their juice. Each e juice comes in 120ML with two 60ML bottles and some loud bottles that you’re sure to love!

If you’re in the market for a sweet yet tart e juice look no further than Fruit Twist E Liquid, You are sure to be amazed at what they’ve got and we’ve got you covered here at E Cigarette Empire. So, get to it and buy your bottles today!