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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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This collection of four e liquids is going to make you feel like you’re going out and picking these fruits yourself. This is the Joosy Frooty collection that everyone is talking about because they are just so good. All of these e liquids have a very unique taste, but they are all extremely fruity.

When you take a hit of Joosy Apple, you will taste the juiciest apple flavor of all time. Another vape juice in this family is Rooby Red. This vape juice is going to make you feel like you are enjoying that perfect combination of grapefruit and watermelon on a hot summer day. Both of these fruits together are going to give you an explosion of flavors that are going to leave you speechless and your mouth watering.

Mango Joose will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island and will allow you to enjoy some of the best mangos while you are hanging out on the beach looking out at the clear blue water. Finally, there is Acai Berry, which is the e liquid that is going to allow you to taste an exotic freshly made lemonade. The acai berry is going to be potent and the wild berries are going to give you some sweet and tart hints to make the flavor more interesting.

All of these e liquids are going to be packed with a ton of flavor and a couple clouds to get you through the day. You may think this is a small family, but it will be one that leaves you with a great impression. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the juice line that everyone is talking about.