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Let’s get twisted!

Lemon Twist E Liquids is a brand that we have carried for awhile now here at E Cigarette Empire and all of their flavors are nothing short of all day vapes. Amongst our employees and our customers, this brand proves to be one of the most popular.

Lemon Twist E Liquids specializes in lemonade flavored vape juices. Not only do they specialize in this profile but they have also perfected it. Along with some pretty delicious flavors come some awesome and appealing packaging. All of their liquids are 120ML bottle sizes that come in two 60ML unicorn bottles.

One of the most popular flavors from Lemon Twist is Strawberry Mason which is actually a collaboration flavor. The makers from Strawberry Queen partnered up with Lemon Twist E Liquids to manufacture and produce the world’s best strawberry lemonade e juice flavor. We are here to tell you first hand that they have succeeded.

If you are looking for sweet e juice flavors that pack a punch when it comes to flavor then Lemon Twist E Liquids is the road you are going to want to take. These lemonade vape juice flavors are the definition of greatness and will not disappoint.