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E Cigarette Empire now carries Lost Vape hardware and we are sure that you all know about Lost Vape.

But if you don’t..

Lost Vape is a hardware company that has been around since the birth of big time vaping. They quickly gained the reputation of producing some of the world’s best hardware and this is a statement that is backed by many resources. Known for their state of the art technology, Lost Vape focuses on manufacturing high quality box mods that integrate DNA Chipsets. Lost Vape is actually the leading hardware company when it comes to DNA vape mods.

All of Lost Vape’s box mods not only have a luxurious design to them but they all have theme customization due to the DNA chipsets that they integrate. Capable with Escribe Software, using Lost Vape mods you are able to customize the look of your screen. Do you want your favorite football team or even your favorite athlete? Or perhaps you want a theme that is centered around your favorite city that you visited as a kid. It does not matter because with the Escribe Software paired with a Lost Vape DNA Mod the possibilities are endless.

Each day Lost Vape is pushing their technology to the next level and with the brand new Paranormal DNA250C box mod it really shows. This vape mod is the first piece of hardware to feature the brand new DNA250 Color Chipset. Not only can you customize your theme with this chipset technology but you can also customize the color! With the brand new REPLAY function, you are now able to select, save, and replay your favorite cloud or flavor puff setting. This is a brand new function that the DNA250C Chipset allows.

Another amazing function that the brand new Paranormal DNA250C Box Mod has is the on the go function. Are you running low on your phone battery? The On The Go function allows the Paranormal DNA250C Box Mod to act like a power bank. Yes. You read that correctly. You can charge your phone with this box mod!

As you can see, Lost Vape is one of the best hardware brands in the entire world. Whenever someone sees a Lost Vape box mod they immediately know that the particular person plays no games when it comes to vaping!

The people are loving it here at E Cigarette Empire and we know for a fact you will too! Do you want the best of the best? Well here is your chance!