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You heard of Lemon Twist E Liquid and Melon Twist E Liquid...

Now E Cigarette Empire brings to you, Mango Twist E Liquid!

Mango Twist E Liquid is another delicious flavor line but it is only available for a limited time! This limited edition flavor line is one that you will not want to miss out on. Both previously stated flavor lines are among some of the best e juices in the world so we can only expect even better with the announcement of this new line.


Mango Cream Dream:

Right now there is only one flavor in this line and it goes by the name of Mango Cream Dream and it is wonderful! The flavor profile consists of a mixture of mangoes, rich vanilla, and the creamiest of cream. These three flavors mixed together create a perfect balance of flavor, clouds, and cream. Whether you are looking for an all day vape or just a hit and go e liquid, it does not matter because Mango Cream Dream fits both of these preferences.

Just like the previous flavor lines from this brand, Lemon Twist E Liquid, and Melon Twist E Liquid, you can expect to see more releases in the Mango Twist E Liquid flavor line later down the road. You can count on E Cigarette Empire receiving them first and having enough on the shelves for everyone!