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Mr Freeze is a relatively newer e juice brand that has gained a lot of popularity due to the flavor profiles that they have perfected. They are known for menthol variations as well as their perfectly executed summertime beverage flavored vape juices.

When Mr Freeze first came to the vape juice scene they debuted five premium flavors which consisted of Peach Frost, Strawberry Watermelon Frost, Strawberry Lemonade Frost, Watermelon Frost, and Strawberry Lemonade. Mr Freeze has just released a brand new flavor as well by the name of Pure Ice which has a pure menthol flavor profile for the menthol connoisseurs.

All of Mr Freeze’s e juice flavor are of extremely high quality, delicious, and are very good on the cotton and coils. This is a brand that we would recommend to everyone and they are constantly releasing new flavors so you will never run out of things to try from them!