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When it comes to vape juice flavors there are a lot of roads you can taken. The road most traveled would have to be breakfast flavors. In particular it would be french toast! If you are a breakfast connoisseur then we have just the e juice brand for you. Pierre’s Toast is a newly established company that has blown up over the past couple of months. We here at E Cigarette Empire can vouch for Pierre’s Toast and can say that it is one of the best tasting breakfast brands. They have three very popular e liquids out right now. One of them is Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast. It is a brilliant flavor profile. It takes your favorite childhood lunch sandwich and infuses it into one of the best breakfast foods of all time. One thing that is really awesome about Pierre’s Toast is the packaging design. The e liquids comes in a box that has the type of french toast right on the front so you can put a name to the face. They also are designed with colored stripes that make the box pop out and makes it a real neck breaker. If you are looking for a new e juice brand to try out or just love good tasting sauce then Pierre’s Toast is for you!