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E Cigarette Empire is proud to announce that we now carry Propaganda E Liquid and we have never been so stoked in our life! We must say that the second that these premium e juice flavors arrived at the warehouse, all of our employees could not keep their hands off!

It is no secret that Propaganda E Liquid produces some really tasty e juices. They are one of the most popular premium e juice brands in the world so let us hop into the background story of Propaganda.

Propaganda E Liquid was founded in March 2014 which means they have been a pillar in the vape juice community for quite awhile now. Based in sunny Southern California, Propaganda E Liquid was born and the vape juice game forever changed. Nowadays, Propaganda offers four different flavor lines, over fifteen flavors, and even has a premium nicotine salt line!

What we really want to talk about is individual flavors from each line that are favorites among the community.

Let's dive in!

From the original flavor line, Propaganda, the most popular flavor by far is Illuminati. When this premium e liquid was released it was all anyone could talk about! Even today, Illuminati still stands as one of the most loved flavors in the world.

Illuminati takes on a blood orange, pineapple, and ripe strawberry flavor blend that is bound to have your taste buds falling in love after the first taste. One common theme among all of the complements that this flavor has received is that it has a never fading flavor experience. This is the main goal with Propaganda. They aim to produce nothing but all day vapes and Illuminati is a great example.

As stated before, Propaganda E Liquid has multiple different flavor lines with Vape Pink being one of their most popular ones. Vape Pink is currently a fan favorite here at E Cigarette Empire due to its delicious flavor and extreme cloud production.

Vape Pink takes on a wonderful pink chew candy flavor profile that is very comparable to the actual candy itself. From start to finish your taste palate will be overwhelmed with delicious watermelon and strawberry candy sensations. The non-stop flavor production makes this e liquid a great choice for an all day vape.

Another notable and popular flavor profile from Propaganda E Liquid is The Hype Collection. The Hype Collection has four premium e juice flavors and all are 100ML bottle sizes. Each one of the flavors focus on popular summertime treats which is why it is one of our go to flavor lines when the sun comes out.’

One flavor in particular we would like to talk about is Rocket Pop. Rocket Pop takes on a flavor profile that consists of your favorite red, white, and blue ice pop from the ice cream truck. Each hit produces a flavor sensation that is exactly like the frozen treat itself.

Just recently, Propaganda has released a premium nicotine salt line by the name of Propaganda Salt Collection.

Leading up to the release of the nic salt line, there was a lot of talk and excitement in the vaping community. Now that this line has arrived, it is all vape pod users can talk about! It is one of the most popular nicotine salt lines here at E Cigarette Empire. The mouth to lung experience produced from each one of these flavors are off of the charts!

As you can see, Propaganda E Liquid can be commended for days on end based off of their excellent skills, and achievements. E Cigarette Empire highly recommends any of Propaganda’s flavors and nicotine salts to everyone!