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Do you like an e juice brand that produces sauce that tastes like real life beverages? Well if your answer is yes then Quench is for you. Quench is a new sister brand from Mad Hatter and has exploded all over social media sites. They have came up with the perfect recipe and answer for an e liquid flavor. Quench makes vape juices that taste like your favorite sports drink. How cool is that?! So far they have released two flavors that have extremely well flavor and they also chuck out some heavy clouds. The most popular flavor right now is Watermelon Strawberry. It taste exactly like your favorite watermelon sports drink. So far Quench is using a 70/30 VG/PG blend for all of their e liquids which is highly favored. This ratio is proven to be the most popular due to the amount of clouds it produces while still holding up some serious flavor. If you happen to like e juice brands such as VTMN then Quench is for you. We suggest you come check some of this stuff out before it is all gone because it is going to go quick! Quench your vape thirst my friend!