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Revenge Vapes is here at our warehouse here at E Cigarette Empire and they are here to take revenge on all other vape juice collections! We think they may just have a shot with their delicious and high quality e liquids!

Revenge Vapes was created by the newer but very popular e juice brand Hornco Liquids in North Carolina. This brand is a family run business and they take major pride in what they do and the vape juice that they create!

These guys started as vapers so, they know what they need in an e juice to make it successful and last in this industry!

Some of the flavors you will find in this collection are Marie Laveau, Vengeance, Payback, and Punishment. Each one of these flavors packs a punch with their delicious fruit themes!

Marie Laveau takes on the mysterious flavor of tons of exotic fruits all blended together. This e juice will keep you guessing about which fruit it is that you’re tasting because with each vape the flavor changes.

Vengeance takes on the flavor profile of melt in your mouth caramel candy with a smooth and sweet whipped cream to top it all off! This is one of those vape juices that you will not be able to put down!

Payback has the incredible flavor of a flaky pastry filled with strawberries and cream cheese filling. You will be craving the real pastry after your first vape! But don’t worry the e juice will be plenty satisfying for you!

Punishment has the sour and sweet flavor of a blue raspberry slushy. This flavor is a classic and one that we all know and love from our days of being a kid!

E Cigarette Empire carries all four flavors in the Revenge Vapes collection in 120ML bottles with nicotine level options of 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG.

Find your new all day vape today!