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Ruthless Vapors is a world-renowned manufacturer of premium grade e liquids and, for nearly a decade, has been a driving force behind the innovation and progression of vaping. Based out of Southern California and established in 2011, Ruthless has been at the forefront of the scene as they continue to provide the planet's vapers with a well-rounded menu of tasty vaping delicacies available here at E-Cigarette Empire.

The noticeable thing that separates Ruthless from the other premium e juice producers is not only the success but the ingenuity in which they brand and spread their product line across many collections. Some of the most notable collections from Ruthless Vapors outside of their successful signature series would be menus such as Loaded, OverLoaded E Juice, Cravve, Ruthless Rewind, and many others.

The Ruthless Vapors signature line brings tropical fruit and sometimes menthol together in smooth-hitting e liquid solutions that have become the flagship line of flavor profiles from the behemoth manufacturer. From classic flavors like Ez Duz It or Grape Drank On Ice, this lineup continues to deliver exceptional fruit-themed experiences like no other.

Loaded is arguably their most lucrative and renowned menu of e juice blends. This series focuses on dessert and breakfast-themed treats, bringing donuts, cake, and more to life with thick clouds and pure tastes. A few recognizable products from this series would have to include Glazed Donuts and the original Smores mix.

The Overloaded E Juice collection from Ruthless Vapors is a follow up to the original Loaded lineup and provides a delectable array of custard themed recipes for those with a sweet tooth. Banana Custard is a massive favorite from this line and has been a symbol for sweet, balanced, and affordable e juice.

Cravve is a smaller menu from Ruthless and delivers two top-shelf recipes with Red and Gold. Red provides a scintillating tropical fruit experience while Gold dives into a world of dessert with coffee and caramel drizzled cookies. Each flavor has accumulated a dedicated following according to the genre as they each are unique yet provide nostalgic flavor profiles.

The Ruthless Rewind series is one of Ruthless's newest menus and captures some of the world's favorite cereal flavors. Cereal has been a staple flavor profile since the dawn of vaping, and the Rewind lineup provides some of the best cereal inspired e liquids available to the public.

Ruthless Vapors is a world-class manufacturer, and that comes with high-quality production. Each flavor is made using the highest-grade of USP-approved food ingredients to deliver clean tasting flavor profiles. Every bottle is crafted inside a sterile and hygienic ISO7-certified facility where professionals apply industrial-strength technology and equipment to ensure consistency and accuracy across all products. You can trust that you are enjoying some of the highest quality e liquids available when vaping on a bottle of Ruthless Vapors.