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There is something special about a juice or a brand that carries a certain level of nostalgia. If you are looking for one of those brands, we have the one for you. Slush Classic is one of our newest and most exciting brands that we carry.

They specialize in creating fulfilling delicious e juices that achieve an iced slushie flavor profile. Just like the ones you enjoyed as a kid. Remember those days? Playing outside all day and then heading over to the convenience store to grab an ice cold red, or blue slushie? That was a much simpler time, when the hardest decision you had to make was which flavor to choose. That is the nostalgic quality of all juices from Slush Classic.

If you are a fan of fruity iced beverages and would love to try them as e juices this is the perfect one for you. Grab a bottle today and kick back and relax like it’s back in the day!