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Snap liquids is an very well known e juice brand that is most popular for their delicious beverage themed e juices. They have plenty of tea flavors such as strawberry tea, lemon tea, peach iced tea, and kiwi strawberry tea. So if you like any type of tea, we are confident you can find it in our selection. Teas and beverages isn't the only thing Snap Liquids is known for making delicious churro themed flavors as well. If you’ve never had a churro, it is an awesome long crunchy mexican pastry covered in dry cinnamon. Snap Liquids made few variation such as cookies and cream churro. There are a few other standalone unorthodox e juice flavors that Snap Liquids created. There is a delicious peanut and butter jelly sandwich called PB&J and Cafe Con Leche. We carry them in multiple bottles size for you convenience such as 30ML, 60ML and 120ML. You also find them in the 120ML category  They all come in a 70%/30 VG/PG blend, this makes them perfect dripping on an RDA as well as filling in a tank .This also means that it has great physical consistency meaning that is not thick to the point where it will gunk up your cottons nor is too runny where they will make a mess. Their e juices come in a range of bottle size from 30ml-120ML; Snap Liquids doesn't play when they make Snap Liquids. Each of their flavors were groundbreaking in their own way. They are all delicious and we know you're going to love them like we did cheers!