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These guys may have a strange name but they do not have strange tasting e juice!

Strange Fruit is a brand that has made a name for themselves within the last few years. They have shown with each release of vape juice that they know what it takes to make premium e liquid and to make it in this industry. With delicious fruit themed and easy on the coil e juices, you are not going to be disappointed when you try Strange Fruit!

They have a wide variety to choose from and each and every e liquid they make is tested by vapers for vapers, so you do not have worry about quality when it comes to Strange Fruit,

Some of their most popular e liquids from this collection are Fruity Booty, Rotten Candy, and Fried Eye Scream. Do not be scared off by their ‘strange’ names because these premium vape liquids are any but strange!

Fruity Booty is profiled to taste like a rainbow covered snow cone. This e juice is perfect for any hot summer day when you can’t get your hands on a real snow cone. Just grab your vape instead, it’ll taste exactly the same but you don’t have to worry about the mess!

Rotten Candy is profiled to taste like grape soda being sipped through a gummy candy straw. It doesn’t get much more unique than that!

Fried Eye Scream is a delicious e juice that takes on the flavor of fried ice cream covered in fruity cereal bits. Doesn’t get much better than that!

For some unique and delicious premium e liquid grab a few bottles from Strange Fruit and see what you’ve been missing out on!