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Superb is a brand new e juice brand that has quickly blown up through Social Media and is now carried in a lot of vape shops across the country. Superb has gained a reputation for themselves by making premium e juice that not only are delicious but are very well designed externally.

Superb released a flavor line not too long ago that has a bottle and box design that looks like retro video games. This quickly gained momentum through Instagram and Facebook only to find out that the actually flavors themselves are very tasty! The even released a menthol version of each flavor known as the X series.

One of the most notable flavors from Superb is Nectarberry. This e juice flavor comes in a shiny gold box with a retro video game design. The flavor profile consist of nectarine and strawberry which come to find out these two fruits together is like a juice from heaven.

Anyone who is looking to move onto a new flavor or try a new e juice brand we would have to strongly recommend Superb without a doubt!