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Taboo E Liquid is one of the newest flavor lines to arrive here at E Cigarette Empire and we couldn’t be more excited to share this with you! With five exciting and unique flavors, they are here to make a name for themselves. Each premium e juice is completely one of kind and you will not find a flavor like it anywhere else. Two of their most notable flavors from this line are Cult and Millennium, but you are going to want to try each one of the five, we guarantee!

Cult by Taboo E Liquid comes in a 60ML bottle and takes on the delicious flavor of sour grape soda, the kind we all know and love. Instead of drinking too much soda and feeling bad you can enjoy this accurately tasting vape juice and indulge all day and night with no consequences.

Millennium is another hit from this collection by Taboo E Liquid. This premium e liquid embodies the tart and juicy goodness that you find in raspberries mixed with the creamy and smooth dessert-like flavor from a classic milkshake.

Taboo E Liquid has taken some classic flavors and put a surprising spin on each one of their e juices. Each of their flavors are completely original and so out-of-the-box but also extremely delectable. You are not going to want to miss out on a single one of these flavors. Grab yours today!