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Gummy bear lovers, this one is for you!

The Standard Gummy is your one-stop for all things gummy bear e juice related. These guys have made it their mission to create the high quality and most spot-on gummy flavored e liquids in the industry. If you ask us, we’d say they’ve done an excellent job of it. They use all top shelf ingredients and maintain a consistent level of flavor throughout the entire vape.

Some of the best sellers from this collection are White Gummy, Red Gummy, and Blue Gummy.

If you’re a true gummy bear lover you are definitely going to want to grab a bottle of each, today!

White Gummy takes on the delicious and spot-on flavor of a white gummy bear with light notes of coconut, pineapple, and tangerine. You can get your candy fix and fruit fix for the day with one spectacular premium e liquid.

Red Gummy takes on the flavor profile of a red gummy bear, whether that be cherry or strawberry, we are not sure. But we do know that it is delicious and tastes like a handful of red gummies!

Blue Gummy takes on the flavor of a blue raspberry flavored gummy bear that will leave your mouth watering for more. There is nothing better than the sweet taste of gummy candies especially when you get to skip out on all the cavities and just vape it instead!

The Standard Gummy has proved that they are here to stay with their delicious and high-quality vape juice. If you’re looking for a new candy flavor and don’t know where to find the best, look no further than The Standard Gummy. Grab a bottle or three today!