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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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The Milkman dates back all
the way to 2010 when The Milkman was still in business as a Hookah Bar. It
was around then when the transformation began to take place. Created by Barbara
Villegas, The Milkman is a fusion of The White Rabbit which was opened in
2006 and her second business which was a gourmet ice cream shop created in
2010. Like most of us, it was love at first cloud when Villegas first started
vaping and soon figured out she wanted to make her own juice using hookah and
ice cream recipes and an e-liquid brand was born that is now called The Milkman! The Milkman e-juice is made in small batches in Los Angeles,
California. Everything is done in-house as well. The mixing, steeping, bottling
, and labeling of every bottle goes through The Milkman’s lab. It was in
this lab where the two flavors from the line were fine-tuned and
formed. The "Milkman" was created and was an instant hit in the vaping
community. “Churrios” was the second flavor masterpiece created which was also
an instant hit. If you are looking for a creamy, milky flavor then The Milkman
line is a must!