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E Cigarette Empire has an amazing surprise for all of you Dinner Lady fans out there!
We all know Dinner Lady and we know how accomplished they are and how delicious all of their e juice flavors are. Dinner Lady has won awards for their delicious flavor blends.
Now, they have created a new collection filled with purely candy flavors, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!
Tuck Shop From Dinner Lady is here to take over the vape industry! All of the premium vape juice in this collection was made by vapers for vapers and is only the highest quality you can find.
Each vape juice by Tuck Shop From Dinner Lady is filled with a different unique candy flavor that is so succulent you won’t be able to stop vaping on it! Luckily, there are five different flavors to choose from and to fall in love with!
The five flavors by Tuck Shop From Dinner Lady include Watermelon Slices, Apple Sours, Lemon Sherbet, Bubble Trouble, and Sweet Fusion.
Let’s look closer at these flavor profiles and find the best one for you!
Watermelon Slices takes on the delicious flavor profile of fresh watermelon slices infused into a fizzy candy! What could be better than that?
Apple Sours tastes like a sour apple hard candy that you know and love! You will be smiling uncontrollably from start to finish.
Lemon Sherbet is profiled to taste like a lemon sherbet hard candy that will have you dreaming of the real thing!
Bubble Trouble is a bubble gum flavor, unlike anything you’ve ever had! This delicious blue raspberry bubblegum flavor will leave you stunned.
Sweet Fusion is a unique vape juice profiled to taste like mixed fruits infused into a chewy candy. Yum!
E Cigarette Empire carries Tuck Shop From Dinner Lady in 60ML bottles with nicotine level options of 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG.
Try all five flavors today and find your new all day vape!