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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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If you are looking for an e liquid brand that comes in all sorts of different flavors, sizes, and shapes than we have something just in store for you! Uncle Junk’s Genius is one of the most popular e juice brands out to this very date. They are known for their variety of flavors that range from a sweet caramel tobacco to even a honeydew melon mixed along with other melons! Uncle Junk’s Genius uses 100% USP Kosher Nicotine. If you are wondering what that is; it is the most cleanest form of liquid nicotine you can find on the market today. Uncle Junk’s Genius uses all FDA approved ingredients in their e liquid so that way you are vaping only on the best and cleanest. No more of that unknown ingredient sketchy juice. There is also very little sweetener in these e liquids. Your coils as well as cottons will last you a lot longer than a couple days. If you are looking for a new e liquid brand to switch over too and have a hard time decided than give Uncle Junk’s Genius a try. You will be hooked from your first vape hit.