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So here at E Cigarette Empire there are certain e juice brands that are more popular than others. Some of them fly off the shelves and sell out as soon as we get them in. Vape Breakfast Classics is one of those e liquids. Vape Breakfast Classics are known for their super popular e juices Pancake Man and French Dude. Both of these e juices have flavor profiles of pancakes with syrup and strawberries while the other is french toast with blueberries and syrup. Vape Breakfast Classics uses 100% USP Kosher Nicotine with all of their e liquids. If you are wondering what that is; it is the cleanest form of liquid nicotine you can find on the vaping market to this date. All of the ingredients Vape Breakfast Classics uses are FDA approved. You are vaping on only the finest and cleanest e liquid ingredients. Vape Breakfast Classics uses little sweetener so coil and cotton gunk up problems are not to be found common with these e liquids. If you are pondering about what new e juice brand you should try out then look no further. Vape Breakfast Classics is your answer, and my friend it is a wise answer.