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V’Nilla E Liquids is a new flavor line by Tinted Brew Co. that has blown up due their delicious cookie flavors. Along with their tasty e juices, they also have very appealing packaging resembling the beloved cookies. They have released four delicious flavors in their premium e liquid line.

V’Nilla E Liquids brought us four different appetizing flavors that you will definitely want to try all of. One very popular vape juice in particular is Berries and Cream. This e juice takes on the flavor profile of fresh, juicy raspberries and blueberries along with a decadent creamy topping. These flavors mixed together are spectacular and the packaging is not bad to look at, either.

Another well executed e juice from V’Nilla E Liquids is Churros and Milk which you can imagine is unbelievably delicious! They truly mastered this vape juice with the rich and sugary churro treat paired with a glass of milk. It really is as good as it sounds which is why Churros and Milk is a best seller here at E Cigarette Empire.

Each one of their premium e liquids is packaged in a well executed cookie box with a 60ML unicorn bottle inside. If you’re looking to try a new dessert flavor look no farther than V’Nilla E Liquids. You are not going to want to put it down!