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There is hardly a single person who vapes today that hasn't heard of the famous Voopoo Drag brand name. The Voopoo Drag brand now encompasses a series of mods in all sizes ranging from a tiny pod system to a powerful dual-battery box mod. Voopoo has become one of the most famous brands in the vaping community, and that fame comes largely from the company's advances in the field of research and development. 

In the past, there wasn't a great deal of technological separation between one vape brand and the next. People based their vape mod purchases primarily on the way the mods looked and the wattage levels they could reach. Today, though, vape brands are differentiating themselves through their technological innovations -- and Voopoo has been at the forefront of the industry in that department for several years. 

Who Is Voopoo?

Founded in 2014 and based in China, Voopoo began its life as a supplier of integrated circuits for other companies in the vaping industry. In other words, Voopoo supplied the computer chips that made other companies' vaping devices work. In 2017, though, the company had a major breakthrough when it developed the GENE.FAN chip and packaged it in a mod bearing the Voopoo brand name. Using the GENE.FAN chip, the Voopoo Drag could activate a vape coil in just 0.025 of a second. No one had ever seen such a fast firing speed before, and the GENE.FAN chip made the Voopoo Drag an instant hit. Voopoo continues to put new generations of the GENE chip into its devices, and each version of the chip has some revolutionary new feature that only increases Voopoo's fame in the vaping community.

What Are the Best Voopoo Mods?

In the years since the company's founding, Voopoo has expanded its product selection and now offers a vaping device for just about every conceivable vaping style and price range. Unlike some other companies in the vaping industry, Voopoo has planned its product road map carefully to ensure that each vape mod has clear differentiating factors and a clearly defined target customer. These are the best Voopoo mods for 2019.

Voopoo Drag 2

The Voopoo Drag 2 features the second-generation GENE.FIT chip. To improve on the original GENE.FAN, Voopoo spent 15 months in research and development and mined the data from 11 million GENE.FAN chips. They also tested the new GENE.FIT chip with a whopping 161 different vape tanks to ensure that the chip was absolutely perfect for any conceivable vaping scenario. The result is a chipset -- and a vape mod -- that many consider the absolute pinnacle of the vaping industry.

One revolutionary new feature of the GENE.FIT chip is the new FIT vaping mode that automatically configures the device for your vaping preferences. Select between FIT modes optimized for battery life, flavor quality and cloud production. The Voopoo Drag 2 analyzes your tank and automatically selects the correct wattage to fit your preference.

The Voopoo Drag 2 uses two removable 18650 batteries and has a maximum power of 177 watts. 

Voopoo Drag Mini

The Voopoo Drag Mini features the same great technology -- and the same GENE.FIT chip -- as the Voopoo Drag 2. While the Drag 2 uses two removable batteries, though, the Drag Mini is slightly smaller and lighter and has a built-in 4,400 mAh battery. Also, while the Voopoo Drag 2 has a top power of 177 watts, the Voopoo Drag Mini reaches a maximum of 117 watts. While the higher wattage of the Voopoo Drag 2 probably makes it the better choice if you're an RDA user, the Voopoo Drag Mini is perfect for almost any sub-ohm tank. That's especially true if you like mesh coils, since virtually every mesh coil on the market operates at well under 117 watts.

Voopoo Drag Nano

Voopoo has finally entered the world of pod vaping with the release of the new Voopoo Drag Nano. The Drag Nano is no ordinary refillable pod system because it features a new version of the GENE chip specifically developed for pod vaping. The new GENE.POD chip features an intelligent mode called "Cold Boot." Using Cold Boot, the Drag Nano knows when you haven't used the device in a while and automatically gives the coil a small wattage boost to get it up to temperature quickly. 

If you're tired of burning out the coils in your pods, you're also going to love the Drag Nano's automatic refill timer. When you remove and reinsert the pod, the Voopoo Drag Nano automatically starts a five-minute timer. When the timer is complete, the device's indicator light flashes to let you know that you can resume vaping. Wait for the indicator light when you begin using a new pod to give the pod's wick time to absorb e-liquid and avoid burning the wick.

E Cigarette Empire Loves Voopoo Mods

VOOPOO has arrived here at E Cigarette Empire and this is a very memorable moment in the E Cigarette Empire life.

I am sure you all know about VOOPOO but if you don’t…

Let us tell you all about them!

The History of Voopoo Mods

VOOPOO is one of the largest Vape Mod manufacturers in the entire world! They are known to make some of the best technology in the vaping scene and anyone who is looking for high quality hardware will always recommend VOOPOO.

VOOPOO was established in 2014 and was originally in the medical field as well as industrial! In 2017 VOOPOO acquired the U.S Brand, WOODYVAPES, to officially enter the e-cigarette industry and this was a very pivotal moment in the vaping community.

Voopoo Buys Woodyvapes

WOODYVAPES was a very popular brand that produced awesome box mods back in the early days of the vaping saga. They were on top for quite some time but slowly started to back out. VOOPOO then stepped into the picture and made a new dynasty for box mods.

Voopoo Develops the GENE Chip

Later that year, VOOPOO became the sole partner of the popular GENE chip which is used in a lot of VOOPOO’s box mods. It is a state of the art technology chipset that allows multiple customizable functions.

By the end of 2017, VOOPOO was known to be the king of the Vape Mod industry. Everything that this company released became extremely popular and soon they were the go-to hardware brand for the best technology.

Voopoo Today

Nowadays, VOOPOO employees over 500 people and spans across North America to Asia.

As stated before, VOOPOO leads the industry when it comes to both technology and technique. The company sets the record with the world’s fastest ignition speed, and has the power compensation mode making Vape Mods more safe.

The Famous Voopoo Drag Mod

One of the most popular VOOPOO products is the VOOPOO Drag 157W Box Mod. This state of the art vape mod is known to be one of the best pieces of hardware on the market. It features the 32-bit GENE Chipset and is beautifully designed with carbon fiber inlays.

Powered by two 18650 batteries, the DRAG can reach a wattage power of 157 watts and has a 0.025 ramp-up time when it comes to pressing the fire button. With temperature control mode and TCR adjustments, the possibilities are endless with this Vape Mod.

A lot of people always ask about which company they should get when it comes to vaping hardware. The best answer is going to be VOOPOO. If you are looking for state of the art, safe, powerful, and appealing Vape Mods then VOOPOO will be the answer ten out of ten times.